Newest Additions and Updates!

VegasCon 2005 Pics!

It was a blast and here's the proof!

As of November 2004

The Cleric Spell Tree has been updated!

Thanks to my fellow clerics for their input!

A new Critter Hunting Grounds Map!

of the Islands of Qi'Reshalia

Amagaim's What to Hunt Guide!

Wow!  What a huge effort! Way to go Amagaim!

And look for weekly updates! (Please refresh the page if you don't see a difference)

As of 6-13-2004


The Pics are here!  The Pics are here!

As of 5-18-2004

Ever wondered where you were in Crossing?  Couldn't tell by the street name?  Well now you can!

Introducing ... The Crossing Street map!

As of 5-12-2004

Check out the Map pages!  We have a new Hunting Grounds Map! 

Just added ... Southern Zoluren and Ilithi!

As of 3-27-2004

Taffei visits the Festival in Theren!  Go see what you missed or just reminisce with Taffei.

As of 2-28-2004

VegasCon 2004 : Pictures and More!

As of 7-11-2003

The Map of Arthe Dale has been updated to include Arthe Dale Bay Road!  

To the map page!

As of 6-22-2003

The Olvi page is up! 

Along with a page detailing Taffei's view on Olvi History!

As of 6-15-2003

SimuCon 2003!

The pics are up!  Go see!

As of 4-27-2003

Taffei's Links page has just undergone an update!

No more dead links! ...for now *grin*

Doom Squirrels spotted on the Northern Trade Route!

What they said before they spotted me and took off!

As of February, 2003 the Vegas Con Pics are up!

Go see how much fun was had!

As of 12-09-2002

The Cleric Spells Page has been updated!

Go see!

As of 11-17-02

New Journal Entry!

Read how Glythtide found his ram in Taffei's newest tale!

"Finding A Place"

As of 11-09-02

Krinahd's Ranger Notes!

Krin has finally posted those trail-hopping scripts!

As of 10-27-02

The Pics are up! 

See what you missed on SimuCruise 2002!

As of 8-21-02

Taffei's Journal has a new tale!  Read about her Great Great Granpa in

Ransom's Sling Brigade

Meet the folks who gather in the


The pics are up!

As of 6-15-02

The pics are up!  The pics are up!

SimuCon 2002... the pics!

As of 3-24-2002

VegasCon 2002 Memories

As of 3-23-2002

On the Links Page :

Check out Sorenne's New and "In Progress" Website!

She's added a shopping guide!

As of 1-23-2002

On the Links Page : is a definant MUST SEE! for any self-respecting Olvi!

As of 11-09-2001

Our Trip to the Ren Faire! See The Pics! Share the Fun!

As of 11-08-2001

On the Maps Page :

The Map to Arthe Dale now shows Bungle's Hummock ... among other things : )

Taffei has made a new entry in her journal as she relates how her Papa told her about favors.

Read "The Favor Tree"