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VegasCon 2004 Quotable Quotes!

This year we invaded Las Vegas' New Frontier.  Much fun was had, and the following quotes are but a sample!

Please note that these things were said in a spirit of fun and humor.  This page is intended to do the same.

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and some may not be exact (I could have been slightly inebriated at the time).

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VegasCon 2004's Quotable Quotes!

Jewellea, after ordering a drink for Mia, "Pay for your own drink, Bitch."

The word of the night for Wednesday... "Breasticles"

Mike the Bartender, "Security will handcuff you then everyone will see your testicles... I mean breasticles."

Several anonymous voices, "Bad Bubba."

Jewellea, "Leave me alone, I'm rubbing the lucky bucket."

Jewellea and Mia to Bubba, "Now we're done with you."  Bubba's response, "Now I'm a ho."

Unknown, "Now I'm a dumpage."

Bubba thanking the bartender, "Wait till in the morning."

Taffei, while strolling through the casino, "So, are we gona play unicorns and strippers later?"

Hege, "That's not sanitary."

Veyl, "No, Cindy, you should not keep them from coming."

Illcram, "I picked the right night to wear a thong."

Deon the bartender, "I need to wash my hands.  I've been sticking them in my mouth, my nose, my butt.  Mainly my butt."

Jewellea, "Why is my ass wet?"

Jolebin, "Hey Falk, how do you like my jugs?"

Jewellea to Bubba, "If you would like me to mail your dick to you, I will."

Allegoria, "I'm the chick with the big stick."

Oreana, "All I saw was a giant kilt butt and a finger."  Krin, "I hate you people."

Jewellea, "It doesn't take alcohol to put my hand up someone's kilt."

Jolebin. "It's pretty thin.  If you go to pros they're usually thicker.  And yea, I've seen some pretty thick ones."

Illcram, "Touch this!"

Krin, "I'm all tangled up on myself."  Ghryla, "Quit bragging."

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