Vegas Con 2005

Back in the Sahara Penthouse, much fun was had by all.

A bartender's work is never done, Foxx   Zendar and Snowfair   Boogie on the balcony!   Just sittin around chillin.
Taffei, Christian, the lady formerly known as GM Maelona, and Krin   GM Anji and Zendar mingle   Hugs at the bar!  Line forms to the right!   Shawn!
Brigannthia and umm... I forgot.   Gypsy Tea   Bluefalcon   There IS daylight.  We DID survive the night!
I think some of these folks occupied the same seats all weekend.   Reexa and Maece hold a mentor meeting.   "We didn't do it!"   Some of the Phoenix Warriors
Hege!   Krin laughs at something Mia said.   The Wiggle Gown lady!   Oreana, Brigannthia and Rotian
"...and remember that time we all got killed..."   Enjoying the sunshine on the balcony   Allegoria and Shavay   Gypsy Mia shows off her moves
.... and a profile shot   Bubba blows out his birthday candles   ...and takes a breath and blows out the rest of them.   Take my card in case you ever need a cleric.
Illcram, don't try to look so innocent.  We know better!   "No I'm not kidding.  They really did!"   A card game sounds fun   ...but these guys look really serious.
Our waitress at the StarTrek place was very understanding.   Krin, Taffei, Snowfair, Oreana and Illcram.   Krin and a borg drone.   Taffei gets frisky with a ferengi, no more warp core breeches for her!