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 VegasCon 2004


We invaded Las Vegas once again, and they survived!  But, we sure had fun while we were there!

Of the (over)300 photos that were snapped on my camera 244 of them have been deemed acceptable for public consumption.  In other words... there are a lot of pictures here.

Thanks to everyone who helped with names.  As always, if you find your name misspelled, or on the wrong photo, just let me know and all will be made right.  Drop all questions, requests and/or comments via email to :  webmaster@taffeisjournal.com

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Wednesday ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Krinahd and a very old slot machine.

Krinahd thinks he has spotted the Maelstrom

Taffei at Treasure Island

I wonder if there's a pavillion full of food at the top of that waterfall...

The beautiful architecture of the Venetian


Caesar's Palace

Now THAT's a margarita!

Mia and Hege

Mia, Hege and Jewellea

Dartenian and Apu

Jewellea mugs for the camera

Jewellea, Hege, Brigannthia and Bubba

Canten and Apu try to apply their Trader skills to the video poker

Soloman, Chakram and Krinahd

Bar fund donations?

Mia, Soloman and Jewellea

Mike the bartender gets a nice tip.

Bluefalcon tries on Jewellea's hat... yeeehaw, Blue!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Thursday ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Breganth, Ceosanna, Mistarrial and Anbeth

Anbeth, Chakram, Dartenian and Ainandil

Ceosanna, Ealdgyth and Bakan

Torsailr, Dartenian and Chakram

Breganth, Meakah and Veyl

Veyl, Tiaren and Ainandil

Mia and Cernunos enjoy the balcony

Charlize and Falkonis

Hege man's the bar

Jewellea, Ceosanna and Shawn

Welcome to the DR suites... part I

The registration desk gets busy

Kynevon checks in

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Gilleys! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Soloman's back and Chakram

clockwise : Teamarie, Nakeeta, Genneron, Illcram, Kelela and Jolebin

Jrendel and Falkonis



Illcram, the evil empath

Taffei, Jrendel and Brigannthia

Brigannthia and Jrendel

Bluefalcon and Paklin place another order with the waitress... and another... and another...

Mickalai takes a bow after riding the bull

Kelela takes her turn.

Kkatarina and Millimbar

Illcram and Teamarie

Charlize and Denic

Bakan rides the bull

Hang on Bubba!

Rid'em Anbeth!

After extensive testing, Chakram decides against bull familiars.

Krinahd learns a line dance

Ysselt, the new bride!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Back in the suites ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Illcram doesn't look so evil

Trul, Teamarie and Fengreve


The plat corner

Those chairs went more places than just the balcony

Jewellea gives the bartenders a hand

Deon and Fox get organized

Gulphunger and Kynevon man the registration desk

Rob (the lucky groom), Ysselt, Kelela and Soloman

Jolebin, Kkatarina and Mickalai

Jewellea and Taffei

Stomir and Breganth

"Wait," say Breg, "do that again so I can suck my stomach in."

Nechey and Cernunos

Kyrla, Tiaren and Krinahd

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Twister Prelims ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Last years champ gives Ledth a rematch

Millimbar has the upper hand

Veyl, Dan and Dara watch for illegal moves

Snowfair holds down the mat

No laying down on the job!

Is this Leap-frog or Twister?

Now THAT's twisted

Oreana and Veyl get in on the action

How long can you hold that pose?

Ambir and Oreana

Nevermind with the chalk outline, Ambir's just holding down the mat

Falkonis, " Anybody wanna buy a jacket?"

Millimbar and Veyl, this could be a while


Allegoria and Genneron

Glimp, Brigannthia and Stomir

Ardora, Gulphunger and Ainandil

Kynevon and Chakram

Leucius, Krinahd and Reexa the birthday girl!

Of course she gets a birthday kiss!

Oreana gets in the hot tub....

and she's not the only one!

Chakram's not sure he should be seeing this

Gulphunger reflects on the situation

Veyl and Snowfair

Ledth is feeling no pain

.... or maybe he is!

Veyl and Snowfair back on the twister mat


Ambir and Ledth

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Friday ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ipkin, Denic, Charlize and Brynnhilde

Tiaren, Krinahd's final answer and Fengreve

Veyl catches a quick snooze - very dangerous among this group

Charlize, Denic, Falkonis and Azryela

Snowfair and Azryela

Illcram, Snowfair and Azryela

Ipkin, Denic and Charlize have Soloman right where they want him

Waveshell and Canten

Spiritshadow and Ainandil



Veyl and Hege

Allegoria and Dave

Dave's salute to DR.... or was that for the camera?

Chakram looks worn out already



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Karaoke ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First up... Jolebin!

Scaryoke Karaoke Hostess Jewellea

Dartenian, Soloman and Illcram

Krinahd and Taffei sing "Deader Thumping"

As requested... the words to "Deader Thumping"

Stomir takes his turn at the mic very seriously

The crowd anxiously awaits the next vic... err, performer

Is this a sing-along or an eye exam?

Ainandil can really sing!

Brigannthia sings "Killing Me Softly"

Shenney, Kelela, and Mickalai

They were havin fun with this one

Jolebin joins the girls on the chorus

Mestarrial and Stomir give it a try

Veyl!  He kills us, he's a twister master, and he sings!

Jewellea and Aspira



Trul and Veyl cut a rug,

and then Trul sings for us.

Krinahd goes solo

Kkatarina finds a comfortable spot for a rest

.... or should we say roost?

Jolebin goes again

Princess Falkonis offers a seat to Teamarie

Mistarrial and Hege are having fun

Princess Falkonis, his umm... scepter at his side

Anbeth and Taffei

Waveshell and Spiritshadow

Aspira, Meakah and Pete

Smegul, another singing cleric

Bubba and a bevy of beauties

Stomir sings as Jewellea tries to talk Treigh into a turn

Are they singing or rioting?

Veyl, Kyrla, Tiaren and Paklin

Soloman sings for us

Kelela, Shenney, Mickalai and Jolebin

Waveshell quiets the crowd with her beautiful voice

Smegul and Falkonis decide to help her out with the chorus

And she finishes with a flourish!

Jewellea and Kyrla have a go,

and they are having fun with it

The brewmaster, brew in hand

Falkonis, Jewellea, and Kyrla

Kelela, Mickalai and Razzleberrie

Treigh and Krinahd sing Super Freak

Treigh and Jewellea get freaky

Really freaky

Jewellea and Treigh

Treigh and Krinahd in a super freaky finish

Jewellea and Brigannthia get into this song

Glimp, Innocent Bystander and Shenney

Glimp rocks on the air guitar

Emarori, Apu and Stomir

Shawn and Hege

Is that Millimbar giving odds on the twister finals?

Stretch Emarori!  Don't let Millimbar intimidate you!

Bakan and Mistarrial

Taffei lasted 3 moves!  Give that gal a drink!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Saturday ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Coffee with Bubba

Some of us didn't think 11am was too early

A few cleric types

Kyrla and Hege

Treigh!  I love those braids!

Waveshell spent her kronars on raffle tickets instead of slots

Canten offers a helping hand, or noose as the case may be.

Uh oh... the rangers are loose

.... and they have weapons!

Teamarie, Nefi and Falkonis reload as Veyl keeps to cover

Tiaren takes aim on...


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Costume / Pajama Time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Krinahd and Taffei in costume

"I can't see anything!  It's too dark!"

Azryela and Anbeth


Pirate Kkatarina - still up in his roost

Let's have pizza!

Everyone gathers around as Hege starts the raffle drawing

David Whatley makes an appearance

Brynnhilde!  What a gorgeous costume!

Jolebin in a trenchcoat?  I'm afraid

How many folks can we get in this suite anyway?

Cap'n Allegoria!

Okay, this looks like trouble

.... and it is!

What a motely crew!

But they sure know how to have fun

Emarori and Apu

Jolebin the flasher!  I was right to be afraid!


Xenon, Ambir and Cernunos

Ainandil and Brynnhilde

Voices in Your Head warms up

Kyrla and Wyett

Azryela, Anbeth, Raycha and Apu

Voices in Your Head : Gulphunger, Ledth and Dan

It's a player pretzel!

Nefi shows her wares to Oreana and Azryela... and she had some neat stuff!

Voices in Your Head rock the house

Does he need an empath?

Most photogenic couple in Vegas

Rotian, Krinahd, Ledth, Glimp and Brigannthia

Dan Gulphunger and Allegoria


Rotian, Brigannthia and Glimp

Nechey and Cernunos

Allegoria's not a moon mage, but she sure knows how to stun a ranger


Charlize and Denic

Nechey and Cernunos

It's good to be Bubba

Veyl and Kyrla

Ysselt adds to the message mirror as Rob and Xenon look on.

The Magic Message Mirror

A snoozing Jolebin

A devilish Mia

Waveshell just looks too innocent for those horns

Torsailr, Aspira, Mistarrial and Fox

Jewellea's jammies

Mia and Charlize

Waveshell and Canten

Krinahd, Waveshell and Canten

Spiritshadow, Waveshell and Canten

Let the Twister finals begin!

Snowfair will not let a dress stop her

Go Girl!

Oh, that's gotta hurt

Gulphunger and Chakram


Jewellea's been webbed!  RT 8 seconds

Krinahd demonstrates his foraging ranks

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ And that was the magic and fun of VegasCon 2004 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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