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Theren Festival

A gilt-edged accession proclamation reads:
Know ye that Gyfford Theren, being so named, By the Grace of The Thirteen, Baron of Therengia and all His other Territories, Defender of the Faith, to whom His lieges do acknowledge all of the Faith and constant Obedience, with hearty and humble Affection, shall ascend to His Throne at the onset of the month of Arhat the Fire Lion in the Year of the Iron Toad, 375.

(aka ~ March 2004)

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[Fairegrounds Entrance]
A woven bracken arch festooned with ivy and flowering vines serves as the entrance to the fairegrounds. People are milling about the entrance hawking their wares while small children run to and fro playing games and singing. An air of frivolity and joy surrounds everyone present at the occasion. You also see the north road.
Obvious paths: none.

Taffei exclaims, "It's a festival!  Let's go see what's in there!"

Taffei's group just went through a woven braken  arch.

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Giving Credit where it is due :

Thank you to Tyrathia

Some of the information you see in these pages was garnered from her beautiful site, with her permission of course  ~for places I could not gain entry and a few things and prices I missed here and there.  I know that's hard to believe, as much time as I spent at this festival.  ::grin::  This was the first festival I have truly been able to enjoy and felt the need to mark it in some way.

Don't look for me to do this for any future festivals.  Tyrathia does a fine job of sharing what's out there and this one was just ..... special.  Plus this was alot of hard work!  It made me really appriciate what Tyrathia does!

Thank you :

To the folks who put so much effort into pulling this festival together and making it so much fun

To Tyrathia for sharing, and to everyone who added to her site ~ they are listed there.

To the citizenry of Elanthia who patronized the festival and added to it's enjoyment.