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SimuCon 2004

Another Simucon has come and gone, and this one was even more fun than the last!

Disclaimer: A few pictures were intentionally omitted in the interest of good taste and/or to prevent unnecessary embarrassment, and well some were too fuzzy.  If you find errors associated with your picture (or any others) please feel free to let me know and changes will be made.  Also, if you wish your picture omitted, just let me know and it will be done, no questions asked.  I can be reached here.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  WEDNESDAY  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Shavay looks excited to be in St Louis

Eupholus and Vytoria


Drongol and GM Ssra

Viptorian, Iocanthe, Janyl and Nynnia

And the crowds are becoming... crowds!

Klurn and Lycanthus

Hashi's hair and Bambina

Bambina and Hashi

Klurn and Brablo

Steve, aka the Wednesday bar slave.

Kynevon and Tyrathia do some catching up.


Collettea and Chasitee

Andy makes a great pillow, and gives a great foot massage!

Talk about an attention hound!

Alixi, the purple pup's owner.

Thangor, Magrid, Deme and Viptorian

The fun is just getting started!

GM in training

Kynevon and Shavay are glad to see Zabari

Shavay and Zabari

GM Anji

"Okay, son.  This is how you handle an assist."

GM Zabari

Flura, Tenasia and Hobris

Hobris, Chasitee and Krinahd

GM Obseden

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  THURSDAY  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Krinahd and Chasitee

People start waking up

GM Tribanin and Krinahd

The lobby starts to come to life

Major, Paklin and Skiori

Look who's out for an early morning stroll... well, early is relative.

Soim's group just arrived.  assess teach

Having lost his tongue in a freak juggling accident (don't ask), Pomae resorts to using the act verb.

Baby Shakahn, Daddy Shakahn and Tribanin

Chasitee and Collettea

Baby Shakahn

Valdrik's message of the day.

The real nae-bunny.

Shakahn, Dullen, Tribanin, Valdrik, Krinahd and Auriane

GM Vaeldriil joins the milling

The line for registration!

The registration tables

GM Edahla and SGH Nemraesha

Now that people have name badges the crowds start to really come out.

Dave & Buster's anyone?

More Dave & Busters

....and again

....and one more time. Thanks to Augie and Washee for putting this together!

Krin and Lycanthus at hyperbowl

Mohaun and Shavay

Redarch and Klurn

Doolgan and Shavay

GM Tribanin and GM Auriane check their notes for the Provencial Murder Mystery

GM Auriane and GM Shakahn

Back outside the hotel, the lawn is just littered with gnomes!

Ryan knows how to make a tastey drink

So much fun is being had, the smokey spirits of cons past decide to invade.

GM Edahla and GM Valdrik discuss new and interesting ways to kill us.

Princess Chalen'talei and Prince Vorclaf from the Provencial Mystery game.

If I like cutting people's heads off, does this mean I'm good GM material?

GM Sashera and GM Tribanin

Brabs, Algion and GM Tvini

"Okay, Zabari, poker works like this.  When you run out of chips it doesn't matter what the cards say."

Look at those poker faces.

Should I call or should I fold?  Decisions, decisions...

Ylena and Kraelyst try to out poker-face each other.

Magdar, a GS4 GM, Doolgan and Emarori

GM Ssra and Smegul

BM Pomae and Larkus

We need bleachers for the Radio Free Simucon broadcasts next year.

They were lined up down the hall!

Skiori's favorite game this year was Curses!

Two players from two different tables had to perform a cheer at the same time!

Go Vip! Go!

Klurn and Dullen

Gambit and Laurieana

Alcohol and Curses... I think Seamaus would approve!

More curses for Curses!

Lakus from plat and GM Chakram

Kynevon sits for a henna tattoo

The computer room

AoH folks

Dance Dance Revolution!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  FRIDAY  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Rowyr, GM Vaeldriil, ? and Pomae

Ysselt, The Merc, Shavay, Bambina and GM Anji

Eupholus and Vytoria

Tribanin has a new hat

Zabari shakes the bag of names for a drawing at the cleric meeting behind Mohaun.

Smegul draws the winner's name.

Zerfala won Rob!

The clerics!

The GS plat bunny

We get to stand in line again, but not for long.

Algion, Krinahd, Chasitee and Aldaren

Okay, everybody, look serious.

Relaxing outside between seminars

Treshan, Nikiloi, Lakus, Azimee, Dullen and a back.

Amorisse begins to listen to Soim teach the lock picking skill.

Plenty of people were checking out the wireless connection with laptops.

The state of Elanthia!

The DR crowd was good sized

The DR GMs

A command performance by Skiori as he demonstrates his leet Curses skilz


Folks start getting dressed for the 80s party

Pink punk Flura

It's Madonna... no wait, that's Phalo.

The term 'drunk as a skunk' comes to mind for some strange reason.

Disco is alive!

Go Redarch!

Redarch and Phalo

More dancing

Look at those moves

Lycanthus, a simu-staff-guy and Sashera

Gremlins invade the 80s dance!


This guy was really scaring me.  I backed away and he kept coming!

So... who ya gona call?

I aint afraid of no ghost!

So he's a gremlin... or a vermit?...varmit?... he can still dance!


Ooooh, he's feelin the burn!

Do you remember the macarena?

Meanwhile, back in the games room....

Edahla, Tribanin, Nemraesha and Elddric enjoy the night air.

Valadimir is having a good time.

Daminious... I dunno, he looks like a tv preacher, dont you think?

A blurry Klurn and Celestiaa - after all those beers I wonder if they weere seeing me that way.

Bash master Algion!

Back in the lobby

Deme, GM Roderigo and Viptorian


Radio Free SimuCon

What is this radio thingy anyway?

Can you hear me now?

Sindak tickles Treshan with the mighty-feather-of-doom (TM) as Lakus and Jekipe watch.

Water gun snipers on the roof!

Algion, pretty lady and Dullen

Jensene and Collettea, pretty and kooky... or is that "pretty kooky?"

go clock > Bubba, Brabs, Drongol, Chasitee, Collettea, Purreliss, Shakahn, Celestiaa, Lakus and Raycha.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  SATURDAY / COSTUME DAY  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Ranger Barnacus

Sindak in a kilt

Hashi and Lycanthus

Hashi, Lycanthus and a baby raccoon

Ealdgyth the pirate

Solstitia and Barnacus

Drongol (the dwarf) reads his team's solution tot he provincial mystery

Renwolf (the tog) reads his team's answer

The plat chicken begawks his approval of the reading

GMs Koyta, Loriene, Chakram and Longtail hold the design-a-merchant seminar

Hashi pulled a switch!

Prydaen Marrk and Nimmi!

and check out those feet (claws retracted of course)


Chillin' in the lobby

Notice how the clerics seem to keep finding each other?

More costumes

Allaya, Chasitee, Daemog and Shadowar

Viptorian and Pomae

Soloman playing with Baby Shakahn

Zabari takes notes at a second less formal cleric gathering with GM Seviya, Valadimir...

and Shadowar, Smegul, GM Vaeldriil....

and Nonomis, Bambina, Mohaun....

Taffei, Vytoria and Zabari.

Deep thinking Smegul

Eldreth, maker of death rum!

another neat costume from GS4

and more!

Augie from GS4

Meidori, Vytoria, Eupholus, Zabari, Daemog, Valadimir's back and Smegul's back

Rowayn and Motarra, a couple of sharp looking rangers

Alixi - Nice costume!

GM Meakah and GM Ghisel

GM Ssra, Vrulle, GM Meakah and GM Ghisel

Krinahd, GM Veyl and GM Quarel

GM Skiori and GM Obseden

Look at all those costumes

Just some of the DR costumes!  Marrk, Nimmi, GM Veyl, Rowayn, Motarra, Elriic, Sleigher, Pepoco biting Felis's tail, and kneeling is Taffei and Crysiana

"I know!  Let's take the costumes on a parade around the plaza....

and scare the locals! More than one person asked if we would be performing again later that night!

And we have even more costumes!

Klurn, ? , Dullen and Mohaun

Dinner time!  Get in line!

Tart King Lystid and Algion

Shadowar partakes of the feast

Janyl in costume

The lovely Collettea has the men bowing before her!

Chasitee in costume

Chasitee and Taffei

GS4 costume

Nemraesha, Riel's back and Tribanin

SGH Nemraesha

The dinner entertainment kicks off with MST and public speaking!

Rohrr wants Bubba to verify the blindfold... oh what he could do.

Rohrr demonstrates blindfolded contact juggling!

Elriic took 3rd place for DR costume

Soloman presents Barnacus (1st) with a prize as Marrk and Nimmi (2nd) look on.

The DR winners : Barnacus, Marrk, Nimmi and Elriic

Anika of AoH shows off her story teller talents

But wait!... there is more to Barnacus' costume than meets the eye.  The real reason he won first place is... He's ready for the naked ranger race!

"You got what?!"

The GS4 costume winners : Byan (1st), Desorceri (2nd) and Eldreth (3rd)

Eldreth then shows of a bit of talent by leading in the singing of "the Drunken Scottsman"

Phalo, costume winner for AoH

Ylena serenades us with a flute solo.

Modus costume winners: Ichiko, Shiva and Jennifer

Pepoco does stand up comedy for us - funny lady!

Then Soloman gave out some "special" awards. The first of which was a smile on a stick for GS4 GM Brauden.

GMs Riel and Jeremael shared the canned dick award

Kraelyst receives a nice poker set for coming out of the tourney as champ.

Prestius, Shavay and Emarori also placed for their efforts with the cards.

Naijul and Kynevon won the Light and Shadow game

Andy's parents were in town and celebrating an anniversary!

Dimarie and Landrion won the Settler's of Katan tourney

The Warrior Chicken!

Phil or phyllis?

GM Helena

GM Helena, Vytoria and Daemog

Rowayn and Motarra

Kraelyst and Aavarine from the back - what delicate wings!

Ketrianna and Collettea

Valdrik, Aavarine and Mohaun


~  ~  ~  ~  ~  WHERE IN ELANTHIA IS MOHAUN?  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Victim number one... Major! or is it Mohaun?

GM Paklin!  Did you pinch him?

GM Edahla gets tickled

GMs Helena and Ceiswynn make a Mohaun sandwich!

Skiori, we can see your hands.  How did you... or is it that Curses isn't your only talent?

Veyl is so practiced with that sly but unassuming smile

It's always the quiet ones, Jaedren.


Ketrianna and Smegul

And Redarch can dance too!


Vrulle and Drongol show Mohaun some love.

What was it we said about the quiet ones, Apu?


Meakah wants a piece of Mohaun too!

Anji and Zabari!

Anji and Zendar are onto the game.

Mohaun knows that he knows that she know that....

Okay, one more time.

Shavay has a very long reach to get around Aavarine's wings

Shavay up close.  I think Mohaun is suspicious.


We just thought Prince Vorclaf was a letch!

Bubba loves Mohaun!

Sashera wants some!

Nimmo too!

Elddric and Samcras keep such straight faces, was it either or both?

It's Mini Mohaun and Mini Elddric!

This isn't a DR only sport.  Fidessa from GS4 get in on the fun!

Valdrik, who's zoomin who?

Skippy!  I think Mohaun likes it!

ohh, Mohaun really likes Auriane

Kraelyst!  We never knew!

Aww how sweet!  Valdrik couldn't stay away!

Do it again!  Do it again!

Phil/Phyllis doesn't like to be left out.

We all knew Soim had stealth ranks.

GM Arnimas looks so innocent!

Mohaun hides from Skiori

Major says, "Turn about is fair play."

Even the locals love Mohaun!

Collettea too!

Chasitee!  and you're a paladin!


~  ~  ~  ~  ~  LATE SATURDAY  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Redarch gets the prize for best boogie!

And Sashera knows how to keep up!

Raecear, Davius, Redarch and Phalo get into the 50s

Solstitia and Dartenian do the stroll

The 50s costume winner and Redarch take their turn strolling

Solstitia and Raecear try a box step

Jekipe, Mysteria and Davius on the dance floor

Jekipe's fabulous 50s costume

Go Chasitee and Red!

Dartenian and Sashera twist again!

Solstitia, Phalo, Raecear and Dartenian

Davius rocks on his inflatable guitar!

Krinahd, Collettea and Mohaun enjoy themselves at Algion's bash!

Sleigher and Klurn

DR rules the patio! You're doin it again next year, right, Algion?

More fun in the lobby with GMs Quarel and Auriene

Ssra, Edahla and Celestiaa

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  SUNDAY  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


Vytoria, Zachary and Eupholus


Tyrathia, still sending notes to the absent masses

Valadimir, that's a really big cup of coffee... wanna share?

Krinahd, Chasitee and Jensene's back

Klurn, no dancing after midnight for you.

Sunday morning mingling before the last seminars

Mohaun, Bambina, Eupholus, Smegul and Vytoria

Gambit, Krinahd, Algion and Brablo

Klurn, Celestiaa, Gambit, Algion, Krinahd and Brablo

Fidessa, Ketrianna, Nemraesha, Janyl and Viptorian

Waiting for the next seminars

Mohaun and Bambina

Krinahd and Collettea

GM Nemraesha and Drongol

Bubba says goodbye to Baby Shakahn

Ketrianna, Purreliss and Smegul

Tenasia, Fidessa and a lounging Daemog

Meakah makes ready to leave

Relaxing in the shade

Baby Shakahn, all worn out

One last meal together, Eupholus, Zachary, Vytoria and Larkus

Zerfala's back, Nosaj and Allaya

A ghost in the window, Veyl and Aavarine

Last minute mingling

Rohrr and Flura

Out on the walk

Enjoying the sunshine

Samcras looks too pooped to move

Krinahd, Shylore, Elonka and Thangor

Smegul and Pomae

Seviya, Ceosanna, The Merc and Rohrr

Krinahd, Lakus and Dartenian

Eupholus and Mohaun

Best T-shirt of the con

Chasitee, GM Ceiswynn, GM Meakah, GM Valdrik and GM Edahla

Miekhael and Dailian

Bye bye, ducks!  See you next year!

There was more, but it was time to put the camera away and enjoy the company of the friends who did not leave on Sunday.  Thank you, friends, for making this a fun time.  Let's definitely do it again!