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SimuCon 2002

The pictorial evidence!

Disclaimer : I held back a few pictures in the interest of good taste and/or preserving reputations, if I missed one let me know.  Also, there are a few nameless folk in here.  If you want your name added, ( blushing furiously cause I forgot it already ) , or spelled correctly ( blushing again ), or if you see any other errors that need correcting... drop me a line at webmaster@taffeisjournal.com to let me know.

Special thanks to Kynevon, Rawb, Krinahd, Nadinna, Jesika, Vytoria, Remi, Jael, Kraelyst, Heather, Deb and Acynarian for helping me with names!


Rottcloar, Kynevon, and a few others mill about the lobby.

Bubba strolls through.

Drevid and Gash having a good time.

Mirjana and Sleigher enjoy a lively discussion.

Rancha and Mirjana

Jael from GS. (Thanks for being a good sport about the name)

Rancha, Mirjana, Hege and Sleigher

Sleigher, Hege's hat, Euphelus and Vytoria


On Thursday morning the lobby starts getting crowded. This particular group is from MO.

Another Thursday morning group from DR Plat.

Yet another group shot

Vytoria and Tazsin

The line for registration was this long forever! But with somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 folks, what did I expect?

Tazsin, GM Meakah and a guy who always had an open book in his hand.

Book-boy and Rancha

Close-up of Book-boy. (Feel free to hunt me down IG and kill me, I'm already dying of embarrassment)

Daemog, Rorn, and Gheist discuss the seminar they just got out of.

Cleric seminar attendees Rorn, Daemog, Gheist, Morgasse, Taffei and Gweldulf

Another view of the Clerics. Hege, Tessima, Vytoria, Gheist, Morgasse, Taffei, Gweldulf and Flura

Clerics again. Vytoria, Mirjana, Rorn, Daemog, and the back of Gheist's head.

Sleigher on his way to a private dinner in his dress whites. (insert wolf whistle here)

Ailyssa, Leucious and Hege

Cristoph.  Sunglasses at night?

Sorthak, Krinahd, Shavay and Magrit

Matt from MO getting in the mood for a night of games in the Islands.

Thursday night found me in the Islands game room for my first try at Settlers.  What a cool game!  Thank you, Neil, for showing me how to play!  But, I was having too much fun to take out the camera!  Even if I did die at the table with the help of my own husband!  Why do I even enter the MO Murder game?


Clockwise from left: Krinahd, Taigue, Viptir  and Rawb's back.

Apu, Canten, ??? and Magrit

Thursday afternoon in the lobby

GM Veyl and GM Damissak plotting more death and mahem.

Looks like good gossip Auriane!

More lobby rats

Ranger Rawb and Majorly

GM Naiph, GM Meakah and GM Riel

GM Rigby

Taffei, Kynevon, Sorthak and Magrit

Another lobby group

GM Meakah, Tazsin, GM Koyta, Laurilana, Rawb, Cristoph's back and GM Naiph's back.

Sorthak and Magrit

The State of Elanthia seminar was one of the most crowded

State of Elanthia II

State of Elanthia III

State of Elanthia IV

Celtar from GS 

The littlest pirate - this cute ruffian won the special category in the costume contest.

Another handsome costume! Giantphang from GS

GM Valdrik.  Yep, he looks like a war mage.

Krinahd in his kilt

Shylore, Aeatherion and Mnute (that chain was really light)

Then they see the camera and strike a pose.

GM Meakah in a beautiful dress

Taffei and Hege

Zendar, GM Anji, GH Jalmoda and Elddric

The Olvi Meeting!  Aethonvan, Marandia and Fial

Fial and Tyrathia

Krinahd, Shakahn, Purreliss and Sorthak

Rawb, Magrit and Kynevon

Navyls makes a fine huntress

Gm Mroce and GM Ilanya, two beautiful ladies


Mask maker, mask maker, make me a mask.  The mask merchant!

The most popular merchant at the Con!

GS III costumes

Ladies in black

I'm just sure he's explaining the feather in his hat.

Mirjana, Vytoria, Euphelus, Drevid, Bambina and Rorn all listen to GM Mroce.

Damissak and son

Purreliss's back and Oola

Kynevon, Purreliss, and Oola

A passerby wants to know if Krinahd is regimental!

... and she's determined to find out!

Sleigher points out something to Vytoria

Golden Cat costume from GSIII.  It really is gold under that cape.

Naria - trader and darn good violinist!


After parading before the panel of judges, 10 finalists (or as close to 10 as they could get) were chosen from each game to parade themselves before the cocktail party attendees for final choosing of the winners!

The Herc and Xena costume winner!

Herc and Xena third place winner

The lady who made the winner's costume

Another Herc and Xena finalist

And one more

DR costume finalist Krinahd

Purreliss in her cat costume

Bubba and the bard with stage fright, Ysselt, who turned out to be the DR winner!


Another cat costume


A beautiful handmade russian dress

Faun in a beautiful black dress

The ten DR costume finalists

The DR winners : Oola, Pureliss and Ysselt

GSIII costume finalists

GSIII costume winners

GMs in costume


Mirjana and Rorn

Euphelus and Vytoria

Friday night and the band gets warmed up to a crowd

The party continues in the back of the room

Vytoria and Euphelus enjoy the music

Saija, Tamastara and Neil Harris

Jump rope on the dance floor!


Saturday morning finds people milling around the seminar rooms

Clynlyn and Rawb discussing the last seminar

GM Anji, GM Riel and someone's back

Vytoria, Anji and Euphelus

Fumier can laugh... he's the brit who won free airfare to the con next year!

GM Halo, the back of Nystarn's head  and GM Hoome

Tamastara looking a bit like a dear in the headlights

Samcras and Majorly

GMs guard the door of the magic seminar

GM Raenek, Rancha, Riel, Laurilana and Samcras

GM Raenek, Tamastara, Rancha, Reil, Ailyssa, Laurilana, Samcras and Tessima

The panel of GMs at the job seminar (I still want to be the keg guard at the Inn)

What seminar is next?



Going to seminars is hard work - let's sit in the lobby a while.


Vytoria, Daython and Mirjana

Sneaking a peek at the pretty serving tables before the dinner mob gets to them

Sorthak catches a not so sneaky thief attempting a backstab after winning the boffer sword contest.

A lovely kilted lass listens in on Eric Slick's (aka Zoha) conversation


This young lady really is pretty in pink

Sleigher in civies!

Zoha's clan

Taffei and Fial

More costumes... and look at those feathers!

Tamastara, Daemog and Iaasis

Marandia and Deloria

Two more lovely ladies in costume

And yet another kilt... there were alot this year!... and what was that website you told me about?


Then the crowd gathered to get in line for the dinner on Saturday night.  I had to stand on my tip toes to get this one... an olvi's gotta do what an olvi's gotta do!

More waiting... "We're getting hot and hungry out here!" ... ok, so I made a trip or two to the bar while I waited : )

We're in!

Some friendly table conversation before the food and entertainment

Solomon takes the stage

Remember those pretty serving tables?... the mob has arrived!

David makes a few comments before showing us a short film and the now infamous Romeo and Juliet 133t style.

After the dinner... guess who showed up?  Barbara the barmaid!

Barbara and Taffei

The GSIII live webcast drew quite the crowd all night

More webcasting

The computer room was full all day!

And the band was back for more music and dancing!

Some prefer sitting back and watching others dance.

Magrit, Rawb and Redarch can boogie!

... and then they see the camera!

Vytoria, Euphelus, Mirjana and Rorn

Jim, Taffei and Bambina

After making sure Mirjana stayed awake long enough to make her getaway.. err... plane (4 a.m.), I was waylaid by a drunken Ranger.  I really wasn't ignoring you in the hall, just preoccupied with someone who really needed to get to bed.


Sunday morning... "the morning after" the con, Cristoph?

Ranger Rawb

Waiting to check out

Kraelyst finally doesn't have a camera aimed!  How many pictures did the official photographer take?

The back of someone's head, Tryll and Hege

Krinahd and Rawb

Itron and Garrett

Tired?  It was a fun-filled weekend.


Cristoph!  Finally I didn't cut off the top of his head!

GM Meakah and Elonka

Tazsin, Meakah and Elonka

Then we walked down the block with Tamastara for breakfast at Tiffany's (good stuff) and then left for the airport.  Just so happened that Garrett was going our way... on the same plane!  By the time I got home I was torn.  I wanted a few more days off work to recover... and I wanted to go back and do it again!

There were old friends to see and plenty of new ones to make.  I really wish I'd taken more pictures!  One couple in particular that I thought I DID get a pic of were some really cool GS players.  Kelzar, ya'll better be there next year so I CAN get a pic!

Now to get ready for the cruise!  See ya'll in October!