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SimuCruise 2002

Testing, testing...Darin snarls for the camera.

Dropping the luggage off in front of the ship.

That's our ship!  I hope that's not the captian.

Inside our cabin... Just look at that list of things to do onboard.

Pam is still in a daze from the trip in.

Self portrait - Darin and Pam

OK... let's get the heads in the shot.

Mirror image

Waiting for the boat to move.

Port Canaveral

Michael, Jeanette's hands, and Corbin.

Coast Guard Cutter

A Royal Caribbean and Disney ship left the same day we did.

Still in port... a model for Alle's dream ship?


Little red tugboat

Hey Look!  We're leaving port!

Michael, Jeanette, and Corbin

Reggae on the Lido deck

Get down ladies!

David and Ashley

Marc and Stephanie

Passengers waiting to get back on the ship after the first shopping run to the island.

First stop - hair braiding.

Even in Nassau - an internet hookup!


See the city by horse and buggy.

A very nice hotel with a private beach.

The road to downtown and tourist traps

Look!  A tourist!

Security guards don't want any locals leaving illegally.

Darin in the plaza

Another side of the plaza

Nassau cab stand.   Your choice - one horse or 200.

Krin and Taffei in front of Queen Victoria

School kids crossing the plaza

Paradise Island

Krin, exhausted after a long day of island exploration.

Taffei wants to go swimming.

Poolside on the Lido deck.

Just one of the many nice touches.

Jamie - piano man extrodinaire!

A few of the regulars in Cleopatra's lounge

Self portrait on the front deck - can we say titanic?

Pam and Darin

Mural in the atrium

Stephanie and Marc

Stephanie and Marc again

Pam, Ryder, Jeanette, Michael, Karen and Darin

Ryder and Karen

Michael and Jeanette

David and Ashley at dinner

Our waiter - what a great sense of humor

Des and Bobby Rae

Dinner conversation

More dinner fun

The waiters of the Jubilee dining room doing the Macarena

DR talk after dinner

Another nice touch

Towel puppy

Darin helps Jamie with a song

The sing-along regulars again.

Darin - trying to get friendly with the local natives?

Darin and Jamie

Darin, Jamie and Pam