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SimuCon 2001 ~ The Pictoral Evidence!

My Apologies to those whose names I failed to remember. Drop me a line at webmaster@taffeisjournal.com to let me know who you are and Corrections will be made.

We arrived on Wednesday night, as did several others.  Between the lobby, Posh's bar and Posh's back room, it looked remarkably like the bank front in Crossing.

GM Halo and Snare, among others, relax after a days travel.

Posh's started getting crowded really quickly.

The back room : Starting left and going clockwise around the table we have GM Khaydra, Krinahd, Cryhavoc, two guys who's names I never did get, Viptorian, GM Royce's back, Kraelyst's back, and Elddric.

Later in that same DR bull session : ??, Barbara-the-very-cool-barmaid, GM Royce, Kraelyst, and the back of Elddric's head.

Oh baby!

And GM Shakahn sauntered into the mahem.

And the hit of that session, Purreliss!

Still later, Bubba and Argot joined in.

Whatever Purreliss was after, I don't think Royce bought it.

A few people get in a little early practice (or learn for the first time) for the Settler's tourny.

Much later that night we found Quavvy's.

It was packed!

I didn't know you could get that many people in one hotel room!

And who hired the table dancer, Narcissa?  Krinahd doesn't seem to mind!

Thursday morning arrived... along with a few hangovers, and people began to officially check in for the Con.

"Everybody off the bus!"

....for a tour of the Simutronics offices.

The centerpiece of the lobby.  I want one for my living room.

Back at the hotel, the computer room was always occupied.  Who could go 4 days without checking in?

Back at Posh's... again... (grin) Tazsin, Mestralle, Namastae and Roisen relax and chat.

Hegemonic, ??, Setver, and ?? pay close attention to the pretty lady.

Krinahd corners Damissak again.

Khario, do moon mages hate the sun?

Chastain, Magrid, Apu, and Krinahd guard the lobby.

And then they brought out the Dunk Tank!  This first GM must be from ome of those other games. (grin)

Whoever he is, he didn't last long... heh.

And the crowd cheers!

....as he crawls back to his precarious perch.

Then it was Damissak's turn!

Krinahd can't talk him into submission... how about a throw?!

And Damissak gets wet!

Sage Marisol gets wet!...

and then takes revenge!...

on GM Tigermist!

See! The water gun threats didn't help!

Dunryc refills the tank and helps Marisol stay wet.  Can't have these GMs drying off too fast now.

Bubba takes a turn.  heh heh... It's good to be Bubba!

Back inside... Starlighte, ??, and Iaasis take a seat in the bar.

Starlighte, does balancing a feather fan on your nose work that perception?

Starlighte, ??, Barbara-the-barmaid, ??, Shakahn, and Iaasis.

Apu, Chastain, and Daemog's back.

The State of Elanthia seminar was packed!

Purreliss discribes to Krinahd how much alcohol is in any of Quavvy's shots.

Sharyn's costume for the wedding.

Starlighte and Saffryn await the beginning of the ceremony.

Freyah, Zoha (the priest), Nuich, GM Granthal and Starlighte.

Here comes the bride, the lovely Shainia, escorted to the altar by Candidus.

Bridesmaid Meakah, best man Rancha, and Candidus look on as Zoha joins Shainia and Nuich in the bonds of matrimony.

The crowd cheers as the happy couple are presented.

Nuich looks happy to have it over as the bride samples the treats at the reception.

Doesn't Meakah make a lovely bridesmaid?

GMs Granthal, Meakah, and Freyah answer the question, "So you think being a GH is easy?"

I don't know this GSIII person, but I liked her costume!

Friday night in Posh's, Mestrall has Royce kissing her feet!

And then Damissak!

On the other side of the hotel Kodokai and Andy were rockin at the piano!

Saffryn and Ylena add to the musical enjoyment.

These sing-alongs were soooo much fun!  Have your fingers healed yet, Kodokai?

Humm and Janyl are having fun!

On Saturday GMs Meakah, Halo, and Naiph relayed messages from the cleric gurus at the cleric seminar.

Either there were not many clerics at the con ...

or they were too hungover to attend the meeting.

Tamastara listens in to what GM Halo tells Basthet.

And then they donned their costumes!  Laelia made such a cute kitten. But, step on her tail and see what happens!

GM Naiph wonders what's under all the kilts.  Krinahd wasn't the only one sporting one.

Two more costumes I liked. Bronnwyn and Valdarrow from GS3.

My own creation.  ( I had to have a picture of my costume!  It's my site!)

Krinahd does look dashing in his snowbeast boots.

Viptorian, proud warrior!

Sleigher poses in his leathers.  What detailing!

A G'narpethian Moon Mage!

And one of the winners!  Drongol showed up fresh from departing wearing "Nothing Special!"

Candidus approves of Mobelia's Tog outfit.

Another prize winner, Rancha poses with Candidus!  Check out the runes on that staff!

Starlighte shines in red!

GM Jepardy from HX and a pair of lovely damsels.

Scary guy!

And then came the dinner.  Sooo many folks!  

More of the costume winners take the stage.

Randeis... This guy from GS was a special category costume winner and a hoot-n-a-half!  He played the part to a hilt!  Dig those orange socks!

GM Khaydra in her wings.

GM Saija poses with GM Damissak.  Great cloak!

Stupid player tricks was a hit with Gnosis, "the guy who could turn his head al-l-l-l the way around to the back!"

Okay... next year?  I buy more film!  That way I can say, "This one time... at SimuCon..."