Home Con Pics!

Welcome to The 2001 Northern California Ren Faire

From Our Point of View!

First stop, Personality Check... Yep. Just what we thought. Darin, Vicki, and Pete show their true colors!

The queen holds court. What a nice dress... I wonder if she made that herself.

The queen's "ride". What a way to travel... muscular men carrying you everywhere... where do I sign up?

Uh Oh! We just knew someone would wind up in the stocks. Where's the urchin with the tomatoes?

Of course we found the ale! Did you really think we wouldn't? And the best part was the monks who were selling it!

And here's Pete, wandering around Town Green Northeast looking for boxes to pop.

The Wandering Minstrel strolled through with a tune.

If we hadn't been so busy having fun, I would have taken more pictures. (grin)