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Olvi Olvi History

A Few Notes On Olvi History


Over the years of me growin up Papa told many stories about the history of the Olvi. 

I also found a few books that talk about us.  This be the tellin of what I have learned.

(Note: This version of the timeline lists only those thing which Taffei sees as pertinent to olvi.)

What Papa says...

What the timeline and books say...



A lot of the history of these realms be passed down by word of mouth, and because of that gets a bit turned on end at times.  Which end depending, of course, on who does the passin and to whom.  For example, some folk actually think that olvi were born of small furry creatures that lived among tree roots and darted through grass and around the bases of rocks.  One person even wrote that in a book!  Ha! I say to them, for I know the right of it.  I know because when I was but knee-high to a tart snatcher my Papa told me what really happened.

"But, why would folk write such things if it nae be the truth?" I had to ask.

Papa just chuckled and said, "They just think things like that cause they be jealous of our magnificent foot hair."

Anyway, back in the beginning of time, when Glythtide tasted his first brew, he smiled.  So true and bright was that smile that even today the stars above still wink and twinkle with glee.  It was that very smile that brought forth the first olvi.  Glythide himself gave us a clever and curious mind good for solving riddles, and a taste for good humor and fun because life is far too short to be spent brooding. 

"What were that first brew?" I interrupted again.

"Some think it were just plain ale," Papa said, "but others be sure it was what we call Glythtide's favor.  Whatever it were, Glythtide poured it down the throat of the first olvi until he awoke with a smile on his lips and a taste fer more."

Elanthia was a mass of fire and ice, vapor and seas, from which the Immortals fashioned continents to shelter and provide succor for the First Beings, low creatures of all ilk. From the First Beings came the races. From those with scales that crawled or slithered upon their bellies through swamp and desert came the S'Kra Mur; from the brutes who walked bent over upon their knuckles in savanna and upland were descended the Gor'Tog; from those small, furry, clever creatures that darted among the roots of trees, the green glades and the bases of rocks came the Halflings; from the strong, stout beings that supported the very ground itself upon their backs and dwelt in the maw beneath the earth, came the Dwarves; from the sturdy, crafty beasts of the fields and plains came the Humans; from the blithe beings that mastered the currents of air and water in wildwood and cascading rill, came the Elves, and from the pure thought and will of the Immortals themselves, came the Ethloeans.(1)


It was some time later that anyone thought to write about or even remember any particular olvi by name.  They were all too caught up enjoying their lives, their drink, their fun... 

The earliest olvi Papa could recall was a fella who called himself Thistle Walksweaving.  Seems this particular olvi were a War Mage who escaped the Blackfire clans and then later, through his own death, sealed the secret of the evil blackfire away forever.

Then, about 650 years later, along came Dyriduan Avtik.  By Papa's account, he led his tribe to settle down sometime around the year 2420 BL in the time of the clans.   

I had to ask Papa what BL meant. He told me it was short for Before Lanival.  So then I had to ask what a Lanival was.  He chuckled and said, "Not what, Taffei, who?  Lanival was a who."  Turns out he's the fella we base our time around... but more about him later.

Papa couldn't remember where the tribe settled, but wherever it were, the food were scarce.  So Dyriduan became the first farmer and the pioneer of the art of agriculture.  "And it really didn't matter where that particular clan was anyway," Papa said with a chuckle, "cause the olvi were all over the place.  The wanderin'est folk around."

  The Four eventually destroyed the Cabal, after a pitched battle in which Thistle was killed by a shard of Blackfire. With his last strength, he cast the spell that would complete the Void around Blackfire tower, destroying the Cabal. Though his friends tried to take him to an Empath, Thistle refused. During their many years fighting the Cabal, he had learned the secret of Blackfire, and felt the world would only be safe when that secret died with him.(27)

3099 BL Fire Clan discovers Blackfire magic

 3091 BL Fire Clan attacks Iron Clan
3090 BL --Fire Clan uses Blackfire to destroy the Iron Clan\par
settlements--Iron Clan is driven from the Spine Mountains
3076 BL The Fire Clan is defeated by "The Four"

2420 BL Dyriduan Avtik leads his Halfling tribe to settle down

2419 BL Dyriduan pioneers the art of agriculture

1003 BL Lanival and Sable are born


In the early times the different races fought with each other, all the time.  What with everybody speakin different languages, there were a lot of misunderstandings.  Of course one thing always leads to another, and they fought.  This went on for a very long time, until a few wise leaders figured out how to talk to each other. It took a long time for them to figure each other out, and figure out a way to get along. Eventually they built what they called the Empire and each of the seven races agreed to take turns ruling.   Since there were seven races, and each decided to rule for seven years at a stretch, some started callin it the Seven Star Empire, or the Empire of the Seven Starred Crown.  Bein one of the seven races, the Olvi agreed to take thier turn.

"But, Papa," I had to ask, "Aren't there more than seven races?"

"Aye child, there are now.  And were then I s'pose, but they weren't in the land of the empire yet."

"Which ones, Papa?  Where were they?"

Papa told me that the Kaldar, the Rakash, the Gnomes and the Prydaen  were all off in other places and didn't come to the realms we know until much, much later.  In fact it had only been very recently, and even Papa didn't know a whole lot about them.


In the earliest known times of which we have record, there appeared the original Seven Mortal Races. Elf, Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Elothean, S'Kra Mur and Gor'Tog upon this world.... For unrecorded ages, the races fought with each other, on land, on sea and even in the air, if certain tales be true. No one race could gain the upper hand and no alliance lasted longer than the next treachery.... But in time, the Wise found ways to communicate safely among each other and to exchange ideas and knowledge.... Then, with peace finally assured, they met in conclave to determine the fate of their peoples. For a time, they ruled jointly while they debated and planned and consulted the omens and studied the Moons.

Out of their discussions and studies came Empire. They agreed that to best serve all the peoples and to preserve peace and equality, an Emperor must be chosen to rule over all. But no one race could dominate the ruling House and yet keep the peace among such a diverse world. Thus was born the Empire of the Seven-Starred Crown, or as some called it, the Seven Crowned Empire as well as other names of legend and lore.

There were seven ruling Houses, one of each race. Each House ruled in its turn for seven years and then the scepter passed to the next House in peace and good order. (2)



Best as I can remember the tale, a few years after Riverhaven were started the planners who formed the Empire held the First Session. Of course an Olvi was one of em.  Baraliban, who began his reign in 880 BL, was also the first Olvi to take a turn at ruling. 

It was said that it was Baraliban's graciousness in this first session that swayed the dwarves to join the empire.  The dwarven expression "as gracious as Baraliban" came from this very thing. Olvi and Dwarves have been friends and allies ever since.

Two years into his reign he signed a treaty with King Zsehhdu of Ratha, bringing Reshalia into the Seven Star Empire.  The next year the Gor'Togs on that island were freed from slavery.  Papa said Baraliban must have had a talk with that king about it and told him to free the Togs. 

"Was Baraliban in Riverhaven?" I asked

"No, I don't be thinkin so.  He were in Throne City, at least while he were leadin the Empire. 

But there were a few Olvi in Riverhaven," Papa nodded.  "Hermel Sureshot wrote the story in Halflings of Riverhaven, as told him by Janel Whippet.   What were left of one o the desert clans decided to settle there after a fierce battle with some terrible thriceling beasts. Towin Sweetbreath were among them kilt, but his new bride, Nintel Suker survived. With their menfolk all taken in the battle, Nintel and the other women had to protect the youngins.  When they arrived in the city, they found more of their kind from the south already settled and use to the ways of the tall folk.  But, in order to keep their ways alive, these new arrivals stayed together and grew and thrived.  The halfling quarter, as the twicelings call it, in 'Haven be where I get me best tobacco," Papa said proudly. 


920 BL --Riverhaven is begun to provide ferries over the Faldesu River.

909 BL The First Session is held by Verek [dwarf], Moliko [elothean], Baraliban, and Lirum as plans for the Seven Star Empire unfold

When it came time for the Seven-Pointed Star to be formed by Verek and his council, they wanted... needed, I should say, for the Dwarves to join up. But the Dwarves at that time were hesitant....Initially, the Dwarves found the idea of the Empire to be foolishness, and they resisted quite thoroughly, with all the force that Taratochs had used to cleave Elven skulls during the battles. The other racial delegations were furious, as were most of Verek's council... except for one man....  While others screamed bitter words and shook fists, Baraliban got up and stood upon the oak table. All fell silent as he spoke, addressing the Dwarves, pleading with them to join the Empire and work towards the unity and peace. When he was finished, he bowed low to the Dwarves, got down, and sat upon his seat again.(30)

908 BL --The Seven Star Empire is created; Verek is the first Emperor.

880 BL Reign of Emperor Baraliban, a Halfling, begins. (5th ruler of the empire)

878 BL King Zsehhdu of Ratha signs a treaty with Emperor Baraliban, bringing Reshalia into the Seven Star Empire

877 BL The Gor'Togs on Reshalia Island are freed from slavery

With their home and men gone they traveled southward, out of the badlands and to a nearby trading outpost. There they received aid from one of the "big" people, and though his name is lost, the memory of his generosity will never be. He led them here, to Riverhaven, where many found work serving the warehouses and taverns of the trading town.(17)

But, back to the tale at hand....

The next Olvi to take the throne was Riini, and did he walk into a mess.  While under the previous ruler, Moliko, the power of the Imperial Courts increased greatly. Moliko came to be called the balance because of the laws she used and the way she ruled. But, with just a year of her term left, the borders of the Empire came under attack.

Riini took over as the battles raged and a year into his reign large amounts of the Empire's lands had been lost  to the invaders.  In 832 Riini was assinated.  It was dangerous to be ruler then.  The ruler before Moliko was also killed while in power.

After Riini died, a Gor'Tog by the name of Govutku took over as ruler.  Being so large the Tog was naturally good for fightin.  And fight the western invaders he did.  Papa also thinks Govutku was sweet on Riini's daughter even though nothing could ever come of it, and wanted revenge for her father's death.

841 BL --The release of a Shadowmaster Lord kills Emperor Chezarek. --Second reign of Empress Moliko begins

839 BL The power of the Imperial Courts is increased greatly

835 BL Attacks begin on the western borders of the Seven Star Empire

834 BL Reign of Emperor Riini, a Halfling, begins

833 BL Large amounts of the Seven Star Empire's western lands are lost to the invaders

832 BL --Riini is assassinated

--Reign of Govutku, a GorTog, begins

--Emperor Govutku begins battling the western invaders.

The next Olvi to take rule of the empire also stepped in after a death.  In the year 796 BL, a large fire broke out in Throne City and then ruler Pumesle was killed attempting to save books from the Academy. This allowed the beginning of the reign of Olvi Mafescu. 796 BL --A large fire breaks out in Throne City. Pumesle is killed attempting to carry books from the Imperial Academy

--Reign of Mafescu, a Halfling, begins


In 756 BL Ibti Timbleton took the throne.  With such a grand name, Papa was sure this was a great ruler.  He couldn't recall any fightin or bad things happenin to the Empire while Ibti ruled. 756 BL Reign of Ibti Timbleton, a Halfling, begins


A few years later, some of the magic users of the lands got some notions of doin bad things with their knowledge and power.  Tezirah Eilsina formed the Saesordian Cabal in 718 BL.

"What be a cabal, Papa?"

Papa scratched his head and appeared deep in thought for a moment.  "It be a secret group, sneakin about," he nodded, "and up to no good without a doubt."

"If it were a secret, how did anyone know about it?"

Papa chuckled.  "Cause they weren't no good at keepin their secrets."  Papa's voice then became very hushed as he leaned in close. "Them that followed Tezirah practiced evil things, things to do with the undead. I seen a passage once, in a book they say belonged to Tezirah.  Looked like a recipe fer an evil stew."  Papa shivered. I shivered, too.

When Demin I stepped up to the throne in 707, this cabal group were gettin into full swing.  Things got so bad that Demin's court outlawed sorcery by the next year, and ordered the execution of Tezirah.  She went underground for a while and tried to hide.  Led em a merry chase, she did, until she was found out and executed in 703.  Made an example of her, the Empress did.

"Sorcery be magic.  Does that mean all magics were outlawed?" I asked.

"No, child, just the evil ones, like Tezirah practiced.  The empire even built schools to teach about good magics."

718 BL Tezirah Eilsina forms the Saesordian Cabal

An anhtler, jaw of man, leg of unman, Seven Elven hond unbroken. Roond flames breathe; Thee bohne yet braek, en thay whych be not nomenclated, Be rede with magick en sweete En upon thee morn, fynish thee grym faest, Yet fore Xibar's eyes ryze. (16) 

707 BL Reign of Demin I, a Halfling, begins

706 BL --The Seven Star Empire outlaws sorcery --The execution of Tezirah is ordered as she goes underground

703 BL Tezirah is executed

During the reign of Empress Demin I, sorcery was banned, and a witchhunt begun.  There are two, slightly contrary beliefs on what happened next.... All such musings aside, the end result was that Tezirah's group was attacked and disbanded. (20)


The next Olvi to take rule of the Empire were Ringth.  While he were in charge the Empire started takin over Adamantian land.


"Adamantia.  It be a land to the south in the mountians, where the ancient dwarven fortress of Highhold were."  Papa chuckled, "Them dwarves be a stubborn lot.  Bottled themselves up in Highhold and stood up to attacks from the empire, the dragon priests, and who knows what else for many a year.  Ringth couldn't take em, but neither could anyone else"

663 BL Reign of Ringth, a Halfling, begins

661 BL The Seven Star Empire begins taking over Adamantian land


By the time the next Olvi took the reigns of the Empire, Heronyus Kalestraum had reformed the Saesordian Cabal. 

 Emperor Krael must have been even more worried a couple of years later when Alicia Crowther lead a schism of the Cabal to form the Progeny of Tezirah. 

Even though Demin had seen to her execution, she just would not go away. 

Seems some of these Tezirites believed they be doin somethin right.  Even though most folk either laughed at em or feared em.

Meanwhile, Priestess Veila Tebaiya, another olvi, had opened up an exclusive establishment called the Phelim Club. 

Also a practicioner of Moon Magics she was more eccentric than dangerous. 

"An olvi priestess?  What were she priestess of?"

"Moon Mage stuff, I reckon," Papa said. 

But she got tired of doin that and wandered around a while. 

 When she came back to the city she had a lot of coin, and decided to build this club. 

It were very exclusive and only allowed certain folks to enter.  Once inside Veila treated them to the finest food and dining."

"Where did she get all that coin?"

Papa chuckled, "She were an olvi, child, and very resourceful.  She were also a very shrewd business woman."

Well, while Krael was on the throne a fella called Jares Braun opened up the Phelim Club Orphanage in 610 BL to train students into Phelim's Compact.

"Phelim's Compact?" I asked.

"More moon magics, dedicated to Phelim. When the world dragon hatched out of the fourth moon, it were Phelim that put it ta sleepin.  Seems moon mages favor him"

"So that were one of the good magic schools?"

"They were a school, but they weren't really s'posed ta be. Not yet, anyhow, cause of some politics. 

They were s'posed to just take in younguns who had no where else ta go. 

It were s'posed ta be a place fer a hot meal and a bed fer these poor little lost ones who's folks had died in battle for the Empire.

624 BL Heronyus Kalestraum reforms the Saesordian Cabal

614 BL Reign of Krael, a Halfling, begins

612 BL Alicia Crowther leads a schism of the Saesordian Cabal, forming the Progeny of Tezirah

'Since society is unwilling to face that which
endangers its survival, I shall go forth with the sole
intent to gain understanding. With this insight, Elanthia
shall not be caught unaware when the vile decadence of a descending nightfall threatens to consume all that exists.

In the Imperial capital, Throne City, one young woman had constructed a certain establishment, the Phelim Club, an extraordinarily exclusive institution. This young woman, a Halfling named Veila Tebaiya, was an interesting sort. Initially a priestess at the nearby Hill of the Divine Wind, she carried out the Rites of Phelim. Until, that is, she grew bored with that lifestyle.

She joined with a passing troupe of traders and explorers and accompanied them to the Outlands. We don't know how, but she amassed a fortune. Veila, now nearing her middle ages, grew bored of this lifestyle as well, and yearned for life in a busy city.

So she returned from the Outlands and made her way to Throne City. There, the fascination with the arcane she had developed in service to Phelim grew when she chanced upon an ill-fated mystic in the city. This mystic pointed out to Veila the constellation of the Nightingale, an arrangement of stars in the sky that his family had discovered over the course of many years. For you see, at that time, the numerous constellations and planets were not universally (if you shall excuse the pun) known for as I mentioned earlier, knowledge was not shared.

Veila was enticed by what she viewed as a beautiful signal in the sky, and there set her fortunes to constructing the Phelim Club in Throne City. She befriended the mystic, up until his unfortunate death two weeks later. But aside from that tragedy, the club opened with a grandiose celebration. It was, as I said, very exclusive. To gain entry to the wealthy, extravagant club, one must first have demonstrated a knowledge of the heavens. Inside was a beautiful establishment where its guests were pampered in luxury, with fine food and dining. Veila generally charged her select patrons very little, if anything at all -- she merely encouraged their gathering.(21)

 [Light aspect of Damaris] ... god of sweet dreams, Moon Mages worship Phelim, ... the god of rightful vengeance ... honorable thieves and assassins ... When the fourth moon hatched the World Dragon, it was Phelim who ambushed the creature and -- while he did not destroy it -- set it to sleeping deep within the heart of Elanthia. ... a promise from Phelim is a promise unbroken.(18)

610 BL Jares Braun opens the Phelim Club Orphanage to train students into Phelim's Compact

Students came to them, seeking to learn their arts. The Phelim Club, though it had been their home for over fifty years, was no longer adequate to support their needs. And so one of the newly-appointed leaders of the Celestial Compact, one Jares Braun, opened the doors to a marvelous chapterhouse, the Phelim Club Orphanage, under the guise of giving back to society by providing a home and hot meals to the orphaned children of the Empire, many of whose parents had died fighting in the Outlands. In truth, these children were trained in the arts of foresight and celestial magic, though their training was conducted in secret. For you see, it was against Imperial law to teach as a formal institution without Imperial sanctioning (such sanctioning as was held by the College of Elemental Magic). (21)


The next Olvi to take the throne were Mamni Timbleton.  That were in 568 BL.  Within the year terrible fightin broke out all over the Seven Star Empire. Soon enough the fightin reached the city itself and riots filled the streets.

"Why were they fightin?"

"Seems the some of the Moon Mages were about takin positions of power in the Empire by way of advising whoever be on the throne. 

They thought Timbleton to be weak minded and not the sort to be gettin in their way.  But even the mages couldn't agree amongst themselves. 

One young whipper-snapper even wrote horrible insults about the others, calling them weak and cowardly.  He demanded action in placin the guild securely in its rightful place in the world.  The daft fool even insulted Emperor Timbleton, callin him inept.

Papa shook his head.  "Insultin the ruler of the lands, and in writtin at that, be a true foolish act.  Even more foolish were the ones to follow the advice and start warrin amongst themselves and tryin to take over the throne.

The insurrection was unsuccessful, however, and peace was restored. 

Timbleton called a formal inquisition into the whole mess.  The entire council of the Moon Mage Guild was brought forth, and all but one was convicted of treason and sponsoring rebellion, and wound up in prison.

Any Moon mages who know their history still shiver at the mention of the Timbleton Incident.  It nearly destroyed the guild all together.

Papa chuckled, "Reckon they stopped thinkin Timbleton to be so weak minded. 

After all was said and done, he enacted severe penalties, limiting the power of the assembly responsible.

"Them moon mages sure did cause a lot of trouble," I said to Papa. 

He chuckled, "Aye, that they did, but Timbleton put em in their place."

568 BL Reign of Mamni Timbleton, a Halfling, begins

567 BL Insurrections break out throughout the Seven Star Empire

566 BL Riots break out in Throne City

563 BL The majority of the Moon Mage Council is brought before an inquisition.

Next in the rotation after the Empress Piatek was a Halfling who, like many others put forth by the Halfling contingent, had been chosen for his lack of strong viewpoints and the certainty that he'd make no major decisions and do all in his power not to... rock the boat, as the saying goes. Politically, this was a dangerous decision for that point in time, when a strong ruler was needed, but the significance of Emperor Timbleton came from an even more disastrous action carried out by the young Moon Mage Guild.

 This section of my work I pen with some remorse, as the infamous Timbleton Incident, and the resulting inquiry, was one of the darkest periods of time for the Moon Mage Guild. As the Guild, and the Compact, grew stronger and stronger, so grew support for the Assembly of Yavash. One member of the Assembly wrote:

 "The Assembly of Katamba is occupied by weak old men and women, who fear to take public action, who fear to take the Guild to the heights it belongs. Their methods of standing behind the rulers of the world and whispering advice, which may or may not be followed, may have proven a sound practice in the years where the Compact was forced to hide, but not now when we are an officially recognized Guild. Their hesitance to take true action is furthered by the even weaker Assembly of Xibar, moderates who are as loathe to take action and take sides as the inept Emperor Timbleton. Now is the time when action must be employed when mere words are insufficient in securing the Guild a place in this world." [Throne City Archives,  84:352:9]

 Such words were the widely held view of many Guildsmen, as calls for action appealed to the youths and students. Such commentary gained frightening support, until the Assembly of Yavash outnumbered both of the other Assemblies, and until the Council was convinced by its students to act upon those words of action.

The Timbleton Incident was the result, in which widespread rebellion and insurrection broke out throughout the Empire, and it seemed the Emperor himself would be overthrown. The insurrection was unsuccessful, however, and a formal inquiry was immediately called. The Guild was nearly destroyed when all eleven Council Members save Ona Crowther were convicted of treason and sponsoring rebellion and were sentenced to imprisonment.

Following this disaster, severe penalties were enacted upon the Assembly of Yavash for its role in the affair. Those penalties limit the power the Assembly can gain, and remain in place today.(21)


Almost 50 years later, in 519 BL, Demin II took the throne of the Empire.  Some things just run in families. 519 BL Reign of Demin II, a Halfling, begins


Things remained rather calm in the empire for a time, until a mad elf took the throne and declared Elamiri to be the new capital city.  Guess folks needed somethin to fuss about and this was good enough.  The other races got really upset and the riots started up again.  Several attempts were made to assassinate the elf.  As soon as the next ruler stepped up, an Eloth named Colvastus, he put the capital back in Throne City.

"Do all elves be mad, Papa?"

Papa chuckled.  "No, child.  Just that one.  Mayhaps a few others.  Some elves be right fine folk.  Most of the River elves be good friends to the olvi.   They like goin barefoot, and they wander around a lot.  Fine folk, indeed." Papa nodded with a smile.

Anyway, the next four olvi to rule the Empire did so in relative peace, each filling the seven years expected of them.  They were Liicca, takin her seat on the throne in 472 BL, Frendollur, who began in 423, Seromond, who took rule in 376, and Peroibo, who began his rule in 330 BL.  The Empire had grown and the rulers were happy to rule what they had.

Papa scratched his head in thought for a moment.  "At least I be unable to recall anything of true consequence happenin around then."

486 BL Reign of Arcadius, an Elf, begins

485 BL The Imperial Capital is changed from Throne City to Elamiri causing outrage among the other races

484 BL Rioting begins in Throne City and Darkstone

482 BL Several would-be assassins of the Emperor are executed

479 BL --Reign of Colvastus, an Elothean, begins--The immediate return of Throne City as capital is ordered

River Elves - Perhaps the most curious of the Elven people, the River Elves roam over the waters of Elanthia on the backs of great boats and skiffs. Sometimes called the "Floaters", their Elven name means "Wayward Flowers on the Cool Currents". River Elves are great traders, but are often mercurial and not fond of worldly things such as war and politics. Their allies are, oddly enough, the Halflings, who share their free-spirited heart.(4)

472 BL Reign of Liicca, a Halfling, begins

423 BL Reign of Frendollur, a Halfling, begins

376 BL Reign of Seromond, a Halfling, begins

330 BL Reign of Peroibo, a Halfling, begins


Then came the beginning of the end for the Empire of the Seven.  Some say it began in 286 BL, with the reign of Duniver.  There would be only one more olvi to sit on the throne after him. 

Some say Duniver were to blame just because he were in charge when things started goin bad.  And things did start goin very bad with what folks came to call the kin strife. 

Others say that Morganae were behind it all.  They say she were the most cold hearted mountian elf ever lived, and fer her stirrin up trouble were all in a day's breathin.  Considerin that just a few years later, Tiero tried to take over the world, and himself was an elf... well, think what ye will.

Still others be thinkin that the kin strife didn't even start until 23 years later and blame the whole thing on another elf.  Bellisterker the Mad he were called. 

When it came time fer him to turn over the throne to the next race, he refused to step down.  Within a year or so, his own bodyguard took care of that by killin him.

Even with a new ruler things didn't get any better, and whatever the truth of it be about how it started, the end of the Empire were at hand. 

The riots in the streets continued and even got worse.  It were also about then that a few folk got together and started a cult to worship the World Dragon.

286 BL Reign of Duniver, a Halfling, begins

280 BL The Kin Strife period begins

266 BL --Saranell III is killed when rioting erupts during a parade--Reign of Bellisterker the Mad, an Elf, begins

Morganae herself is as cold hearted as the cold mountains she dwells in. She has remained a steady control over the Mountain Elves over the many years of warfare and upheaval, and it is whispered that it was she who poisoned the Empire of the Seven-Pointed Star into chaos. Morganae (and all Mountain Elves, in fact) loves dabbling in politics, so long as she does not lose.(4)

257 BL After seven years, Bellisterker refuses to give up the throne

258 BL --Bellisterker is killed by his bodyguards--Reign of Klyudor, an Elothean, begins

In the final years, one great House took the Throne in its due course, but when the time had come to pass on the scepter, it refused and, with the collusion of two other houses, deemed the rest unworthy to hold the Throne. This resulted in the Kin Strife that lasted for nearly 50 years as the massive Empire slowly tore itself apart. (2)

256 BL Rioting in Throne City increases

255 BL Sh'kial forms the Dragon Priest Cult

This were the mess that the last Olvi Emperor walked into. 

 Cambedika's reign began in 251 BL.  With all the fussin goin on, alot of it amongst the elves about who was in charge, half the elven delegation were assassinated.  One of them bein the beloved wife of Tiero.  He were the leader of the elves at the time and a lover of war.  With the death of his wife, he had more than enough of an excuse to start one.

Things got so bad that folk became afraid for their very lives and began leavin throne city in droves.  The fear spread to even them in charge.  The Togs, afraid their next emperor would be kilt afore he even sat on the throne, sent a youngun to the task.

253 BL Despite Klyudor's attempts to stop the Strife, Imperial decay worsens

251 BL Reign of Cambedika, a Halfling, begins

248 BL Half the Elven Delegation is assassinated

Meanwhile, ...Teiro was elected as the Elven nation's ruler ...Teiro was a well-bred war hero decorated with countless medals and a great love for the Elven people -- Teiro had twisted from whatever he may have once been. When the Empire collapsed, he saw his chance --and took it.(5)

247 BL People begin abandoning Throne City

246 BL --Fearing to select anyone else, the Gor'Tog Delegation sends a young boy to the throne


By 239 BL, Tiero had built up a good size army.  He started the resistance war by tryin to take over the Empire.  That were his first mistake. 

"Elves," Papa snorted, "They were a power hungry lot about then."

Now comes the part about Lanival

"Were he an olvi, too?"

"Nae, but he were an important fella what done somethin really important fer the olvi.  So it be a good thing ta know about him."

He were born of an elf and a human and both races like to lay claim to his heritage.  He were the one to unite folks against Tiero. It were Lanival's idea, an idea that came to him in a dream he claimed, to split the empire into five realms.  Each would be more managable than the empire as a whole, but still retain the balance they needed as Moliko's laws called for.

Tiero's armies were large and fierce.  Lanival needed good leaders and and a large force himself.  One of those leaders, named Lanival's right hand maritime warlord, Ka'len was called a pirate and a friend by Lanival himself.  The feisty one eyed olvi were master of ambush at sea, both boarding and ramming ships.  A great sailor, he ensured victory at sea for Lanival, aboard a great war ship called the Dolefaren. 

 Dolefaren be a gamgweth word for victory.

It were only fitting that Ka'len met his end at sea, engaged in battle.  Some say he were ambushed by five elven ships, while others say it were his own friend, Targel, turned traitor that finally sunk him.  Either way, he and his ship were sunk in the straights of the great Segoltha Sea to Lanival's great sorrow.

Ka'len, also called the Sea Drake was honored for his role in the events, by having the second month named after him.  It were only appropriate, as this is when the sailing season begins.

But, back to Lanival...

Even with strong armies and good leadership, Lanival's troops had quite a fight on their hands.  It even appeared that Lanival might loose when he were captured by Tiero.  But, he was saved when his love, Nissa stepped up and offered herself for his release.  Tiero agreed to the swap and kilt Nissa while Lanival watched.  Sure that seein this would be the end of Lanival's will to fight, Tiero kept his word and released him. 

That were his second mistake. 

239 BL --The Resistance War begins--Teiro attempts to conquer the rest of the Seven Star Empire. Darkstone falls to Teiro.

238 BL --Lanival raises a small force to fight against Teiro--Corik and Morganae ally with each other

237 BL --Lanival gains the support of a S'Kra Mur tribe, greatly increasing his strength--Uthmor is rescued and begins his training under Benjor--Construction begins on the city of Shard

236 BL --Darkstone falls to Lanival after a protracted battle between the two armies-- Delegate Nissa, a survivor of the assassination, defects to Lanival

235 BL Governor Jelstad of Therengia joins with Lanival

234 BL --Teiro suffers a defeat in the Battle of the Segoltha--Uthmor becomes General of Lanival's army

232 BL --Ka'len dies in an ambush--Shard is completed

There are ten names in the time to which all follow -- and each is that of people or things. Those names are Akroeg the Ram, Ka'len the Sea Drake....  Ka'len -- called the Sea Drake -- was the master of the Dolefaren, a great ship of war. Ka'len himself was a spunky Halfling with a massive mop of black hair and one eye lost from past battles. Dolefaren has been identified over time to be an Old Gamgweth word for 'Victory'. Ka'len was active in the Resistance Wars, when the Seven Star Empire was just beginning to fall. A master of ambush on the sea, Ka'len both boarded and rammed ships, although it is said he used that last only when the first was not possible (some say out of pity for the enemy,some say because an intact ship is worth more than a sinking one, I am partial to believe it was both). Ka'len was called a pirate and a friend by Lanival in the early wars.As Lanival's right hand maritime warlord, Ka'len supported the great wizard in his tireless work to split the Empire into the five Realms. Ka'len ultimately met his end in the straits of the Segoltha Sea, narrowed in by five enemy Elven warcraft (in 232 BL). Although he carried two of the ships with him, he and the Dolefaren sunk in the icy sea, forever lost, to Lanival's sorrow.(5)  

The two swiftest bergantines in the fleet of the Redeemer were the Dolefaren of Ka'len and the Audrulyba (Stormspirit), of Targel.(15)

Ka'len, called the Sea Drake, gives his name to the second month. A great sailor he was and therefore it is appropriate that this month, at the end of which the sailing season begins, is named after him. (6)



The next, and last great battle of the war were the battle of the spine.  When all looked it's bleakest Lanival walked out of camp without so much as a word.

He walked for a long time and finally found himself at a cave.  Inside lived an old friend.  What he didn't know until then was this friend was one of the guardians of the realms in disguise.  This time the guardian took another form, right before Lanival's eyes.  The form of a dragon.  He told Lanival that he and a couple of the other guardians would help him win the war.  But, only because Tiero was using forbidden magic. 

Grateful for the gift, Lanival thought of  the olvi saying, never look a gift dragon in the mouth.

That very night, with the help of the dragons, victory was assured.  Lanival went down in history with the telling of this tale, and became known as Lanival the Redeemer.

With the end of the war, somewhere around 230 BL Lanival did as he set out and began dividing the lands into the 5 provinces. 

 To the olvi, being the ever wayward types, he granted all the lands.

"But, Papa," I had to object.  "230 BL?  Didn't Lanival just win?  Why isn't it AV yet?  Doesn't AV mean after the victory of Lanival?"

231 BL --Lanival is captured by Teiro's troops--Nissa gives herself up to free Lanival. She is executed.--The Battle of the Spine takes place. Teiro dies, ending the Resistance War

"I bowed again. There is a saying among Halflings. Do not look a gift dragon in the mouth." ....   The war was quickly over with the help of -- as they became known -- "Lanival's Dragons".(5)

230 BL --The Imperial land is divided into five sovereign states (Zoluren, Therengia, Ilithi, Qi, and Forfedhdar).--Construction begins on the Crossing.

One year later, Lanival is captured by Teiro's troops and Nissa gives herself up to free Lanival and  is executed. The Battle of the Spine takes place and Teiro dies, ending the Resistance WarWith the end of the war, Lanival began to divide the lands amongst their peoples. In the center of what had been the former Empire he established the city called The Crossing, where -- mid-war -- he and his soldiers had captured the Segoltha. To the Elves and Elotheans he left the ancient Ilithi lands -- and the Spine of the World Dragon Mountains -- and to the Humans he bequeathed all of Zoluren. Therengia became home to a line of Barons, and the remaining two realms he left to the S'kra, Dwarves, and 'Togs. The Halflings, ever the wayward types, requested that all lands be their lands, and Lanival ensured this. (5) 



"That were Lanival's first Victory.  The years that followed were not easy.  Much had changed and that was hard to get used to.  So even though that battle was won, and the resistance was put down, it still took time."

"Time fer what? 

"Fer one thing, there were dangerous critters roamin the place, causin all kinds'a trouble. Folk had ta take care not ta get kilt by them. 

Why, just over in Riverhaven there were an olvi by the name of Borrugar Steadfoot.  Some called him the merchant magician.  After seein his family torn ta shreds by reavers, he found himself in the employ of a trader.  When the old trader died he left his business to Borrugar.  He was rich.  So he built himself a big mansion in Riverhaven,  but also bein schooled in magics, and a bit paranoid, he hid his mansion from view from the outside.  Some say it still be there, but no one be knowin exactly where.

He made quite a name fer himself among the moon mages.  He liked doin enchantments on a rather large scale.  Like the ever flowing fountian.  His most popular contribution to his guild were a smaller version of this.

Then around 210 BL Borrugar up an disappeared.  A diary of one of his housemaids says that he were meddlin in magics and had locked himself away to study a magic book.  When the servants went to check on him they found... rather a mess. 

So between all the buildin and fussin with each other, folk had other things to watch for too.

Did Lanival fight another battle?"

"Of sorts," Papa said.  "Crossing was being built.  Things had to be done.  Even so, lots of folks didn't like him.  Elves especially.  Many attempts were made on his life.  Well, Lanival didn't want any more blood shed.  So, one night he left a note to a friend saying that he would return, and he left."

"Did he come back?"

"Not so's anyone would notice.  Not as himself, anyway.   Some say he were ambushed by a band of elves on his way out of town.  Some say his dragon friend  saw how tired and weak he was, took pity on him and put him into a magical sleep.  Folk like to think he still be out there somewhere, waitin fer the right time."

Some say he already came back in another form to help defeat the Dragon priests.  It makes sense, as that be when the time turned around, and started bein AV.

Some even speculate that Lanival's real victory was won over death, about that same time, when he discovered the bridge between life and the void.  He were the one to show the clerics how to call folk back from that bridge.  Some think his dragon friend, who is really one of the realms guardians, showed him the secret. 


In the year 230 BL --The Imperial land is divided into five sovereign states  (Zoluren, Therengia, Ilithi, Qi, and Forfedhdar). --Construction begins on the Crossing.

Bourrugar Steadfoot, while not as well known as some of his contemporaries in the turbulant decades just after the fall of the Empire, was nonetheless a luminary of the magical world.  Known as "the merchant magician", Steadfoot was an unusually shrewd and calculating olvi, concealing his brilliant strategic mind behind a cheerful and sometimes frivolous demeanor: more than one trader-baron found himself utterly cleaned out in a deal with him, after being tricked into underestimating the bubbly halfling. ...On the final night, the climax of the enchantment, Borrugar bade his servants to stay outside his laboratory, and to not venture in, no matter what they heard.... "Maestro Borrugar was there, just like he said he would be. We had to pull back right quick, because the smell was like three-week carrion, and the sight inside wasn't nothing for the children to see: he was sitting there in his chair, plain as day, except his limbs weren't fitting together like they were supposed to, not at all. The downs were in up places, the ups were in down places, and some things we didn't find till later. He was all mixed up. Among us there wasn't no question about what had done it to him, the question was how it had been done WITHOUT MAKING A SINGLE SOUND" ... Despite his tragic death, Borrugar Stoutfoot's legacy lives on, through a lifetime body of work to rival many an archmage. His early years in the guild are an inspiration to striving apprentices-- and his untimely end is a sober warning.(23)

210 BL Borrugar Steadfoot disappears

....An interesting thing to note is that there is a place in the city known as the "resting spot" of Lanival, where he first brought up the power to create the bridge between life and death, summoning souls back into bodies. However, Shard was built >after< Lanival's first victory, resulting in some confusion as just why this spot was commemorated by Corik in such a way.(22)


Even out on the islands, things were changin.  The dragon priests tried to rule out there as well.  They were put down too, but took a little longer than them what were on the mainland.  The wealthy families on Reshalia Island finally got tired of all the fuss and decided ta put their differences aside to rid the place of it.  One of those families were the olvi family Odalva.  Owners of the seventh ruling house, the Odalva clan don't mind doin business with anyone, includin pirates. Some say they even deal heavy in the black market.

The Ninth ruling house on the island, also an olvi clan, is the Pantel family.  They didn't move to the island until after Lanival split the realms into the five provinces.  A farmin lot they bought up all the farm land they could get their hands on, where they grow the finest grain and sell to the other families who ship it.

"It is a complex system, full of formalities and technicalities. However, it has allowed Reshalia Island to continue to prosper and grow in wealth, even after the overthrow of the Dragon's Empire. There are nine ruling Houses, each with its own businesses that have given it the power, wealth, and prestige it possesses. Almost all of the Houses have built great temples to the gods that oversee their realms, to curry favor and prosperity..... Seventh is House Odalva, an Olvi family. The Odalvas operate a merchant fleet, like House Moglin and House Redthorne, but Odalva differs in its methodology. Where House Redthorne refuses to deal with the pirates at all, Odalva has taken the stance of being willing to pay them off. The family also plays an integral part in the black market.... Ninth is House Pantel, a Halfling family. This well- off House initially
from central Zoluren, came to Reshalia after the parceling of the Empire into the Five Provinces. They bought up most of the prime agriculture land on the island, where they began their trade of growing high quality grain. This they sell directly to the other merchant families, who ship the low priced goods...."
Lots of things were happenin with the buildin of the new provinces.  Folks were tryin to settle into the new way of life.  Fights still broke out here and there.

Alliances were formed and broken again.   Trade diputes happened all the time. 

One of those trade disputes happened in 78 AV between Ratha and the Crossing. 

Daffleberry Tanglefoot had come to Crossing about this time to seek his living.  He just happened to have had  a great supply of grain.  It was enough to see the Crossing through the year long dispute until things were settled.  But the folk didn't pay the olvi a fair price for his grain.  They flat out cheated him.  When he raised a fuss they bundled him up, took him outside the city gates and rolled him down a hill.

Well, when Daffleberry came to his senses he looked around and decided right then and there to build his own city,  a city for halflings only.  Arthe Dale was built right on that very spot and prospers today.

Pundle Tickleburr were the olvi to put that tale to paper after Paddla Tanglefoot moved his son, Declan and the rest of his family to the Dale from the Crossing.

78 AV Ratha besieges the Crossing over trade disputes

79 AV --The Crossing's siege is lifted--Arthe Dale is established

Caught unprepared and low on food supplies, it is likely that the Crossing would have fallen in the early weeks of the siege if not for the assistance received from a somewhat unlikely source. A somewhat down on his luck Halfling trader by the name of Daffelberry Tanglefoot happened to be in the city at the time it was besieged. He also happened to have a very large supply of grain stored in the city warehouses. He agreed to supply the city with the food supplies it needed to make it through the first weeks of the siege. There is some confusion over the nature of this agreement and the manner in which the city adhered to it, but the details are unclear.(32)

"A strong believer in fate, he freed himself, surveyed his surroundings and stated to himself, 'Here I shall build a community, an economic community to rival that of the Crossing. A community for Halflings and Halflings alone.' And so out of hatred, a strong but wasted emotion, grew the powerful settlement of Arthe Dale. In time the hatred was lost, as trading relationships predominated and new generations saw reason. Both Arthe Dale and the Crossing became partners.(3)

"And so my son, I think it is time for us to return to our people. There we shall be welcome, there can you learn without fear and most of all grow up without having to experience the difficulties that poor ol' Daffleberry experienced. Once we get to Arthe Dale, I'll make sure that Rufus and Woolly tell you a few stories. It's really about about time you met some of your relatives.(3)


After pondering for a time on all Papa had told me, I had to ask one question.  "Papa, seems like most olvi be either kings or farmers or pirates.  The twins say I nae be built right fer a king.  Do I have to be a farmer or a pirate?"

Papa chuckled and said, "Olvi can be whatever they wish, child.  Why, just look at  Marachek.  He be the one who put together a well used rest stop on the southern trade route.  I've telled ye 'bout stoppin in at Fayrin's Rest afore."  Papa's eyes glazed over as he purred, "Best ribs I ever put to me mouth."

He blinked out of his daydream and wiped the moisture from his lips.  "Anyway," he continued.  "There be loads of other Olvi inn keeps, shop keeps and tavern lords.  But that nae be the end of it.  Just look at the Tanglefoot's hold on Arthe Dale.  Rufus, Woolly and the others practically run the whole town." 

You could even be a famous writer one day, like Snarfers FuzzyFoots, who wrote the story about how No Ranger Stands Alone.  Or like Sela Sharpeye-Balfor who wrote a guide to the inns and taverns around Elanthia.

You could be a bard, like Citharon WayGuester, and spin tales the likes of the story of Tatia and Byron.

Then Papa looked around the room to make sure Mama was out of ear shot and lowered his voice to a whisper.

"There be many an olvi who take every advantage of their built in quickness and ability to hide amongst the twiceling folk.

In 252 AV The Halfling Marachek and his family establish Fayrin's Rest.

"...Heading on down south from Leth we cross the treacherous gondola, not for those with a fear of heights, and pull up the caravan in front of Marachek's Oak in the tiny village of Fayrin's Rest. A fine Halfling establishment, the proprietor offers full amenities in one tree. Food, lodging as well as two shops. The food is more to my taste, more cocoa and a nice chocolate cake as well as hearty main courses. Who could turn down a nice serving of mammoth ribs? The rooms in the Oak must be very popular indeed for almost as soon as it was opened to us, they have been hung with no vacancy signs. A sad, sad sight. But the tree is very interesting to prowl through despite the lack of true lodging. 5 tarts despite the lack of tarts..." (33)


Papa cleared his throat as a blush rose in his cheeks.  "But yer Papa be an honest tradesman," he nodded. 

"You can be anything ye wish, young one.  Why you might even go down in history yeself someday and olvi everywhere would celebrate ye birthday every year."


In 343 AV, one year ofter the establishment of the Zoluren High Council, --Taffei is born, 5th child of 5, daughter of  Veldarian and Marysh Snarfn'tart.
After a good laugh and talk of dreams yet to be realized, Papa became serious and continued with his tale.   

"Timothy be another olvi name most folk remember.  Poor lad."  Papa shook his head as he seemed to be off in a daydream for just a moment.

"Who's Timothy?"

"Timothy was an empath.  He and his wife, Penelope, had set themselves up in a little village called Sicle Grove.  Folk would come by for a healin after a hunt, and all he asked in return were a few healin herbs.  He and Penelope began takin in children that had no place to go.  The place were filled with laughter.  Made a person feel right good, just to walk in.

Papa got that daydreamy look in his eye again and smiled.

"Then why did ye call him poor lad?"

"Because of what happened next.  There was a firewizard named Mibgluc.  Nasty sort, and greedy.  When you were but 8 year old, this fella decided to demand that someone give him 500 platinum coin or he would make the volcano errupt.  Well, folk thought he was daft!  Only the gods can do such! 

"But, a few days later, he did what he said he would and the volcano of the greater fist exploded.  Lava and ash  covered the little community of Sicle Grove and killed everyone inside... the children... Penelope.... Timothy were the only one to make it out alive.

"Poor Timothy's heart were shattered.  Even bein an empath of great talent, he could not save the ones he loved.  It drove him to the brink of madness.  He began wanderin the lands lookin for signs of his beloved wife and the children.  His mind just could not accept what had happened. 

"Sometimes, he would see a person bleedin and pounce on em.  He couldn't stand to see anyone suffer.

"He hasn't been seen in some time now, though.  Some think he went away to another land, to try to escape the sad memories.  Some think he found a hole somewhere and just crawled inside to be alone with his memories.  Some think he died of a broken heart.  No one knows for true."

"What happened to the firewizard?"

"Many folk of the lands were mighty upset with Mibgluc and hunted him for a long while.  After about a year of bein chased all over the realm, the coward went into hidin."

Papa let out a snort and mumbled something I don't think I be allowed ta say.  Then he took a deep breath.  It were a few days afore he could talk about history again.


351 AV --Sicle Grove Village is destroyed by an eruption of the Greater Fist of Heaven

352 AV --Arhat's Tower is destroyed--Mibgluc is driven into hiding

It started out with a threat. A man calling himself Firewizard Mibgluc had demanded several days before that he be given 500 Platinum or he would cause the Greater Fist to erupt, pouring deadly lava across the land... What followed after this was a disaster. The Greater First began to spew forth its deadly fire upon the nearby village of Sicle Grove. The first waves of death struck the children's center, killing all the people inside... Sicle Grove stood in ash-covered ruins. Where children once frolicked in the streets, lava flowed and Fire Sprites danced amongst the charred remains of the village. (34)

Now heading north from the Dirge Crossroads, hurrying past the evil volcanos and the ruins of the poor Sicle Grove healing hospital-- ah, Timothy, how we all grieve for you!  (33)

In a single night all of Sicle Grove was buried under a trail of burning lava and fast flowing tumults of rock and ash. The Greater Fist had been awoken by the evil elementalist in his play to consume his perceived foes in fire. I don't even think he knew Sicle Grove was effected, and that is what makes this evil so hard to understand why it occurred. All the orphans gone. All the gardens and the trees gone. The fellowship in peace has been replaced by fellowship in sadness. The elementalist was stopped but not soon enough.

There was one...I cannot use the word survivor, for the Timothy I knew is not the one who lives now...There is one who...remembers. Timothy remembers it daily, moment by moment, second by second, his mind rolls over the history of the Grove. He lives it up to the very instant of its destruction and then his mind simply cannot grasp all the pain and suffering. (35)

Timothy was an Empath at the tiny Therengian village of Sicle Grove. However, this town was destroyed by the Fire Mage Mibgluc, and Timothy watched his friends and family die, including his wife, Penelope. Timothy lost his sanity, and took to wandering across the Five Realms. One of the few focal points of Timothy's life is to hear the laughter of children. Although many attempt to abuse this poor, mad wretch, it is cruel to do so.(36)

"Sometime in the year 354 AV, another terrible war broke out.  The Gorbesh decided to attack the lands and in the process all the jadite and kyanite mines were destroyed.

"I don't remember a war like that."

"That be because ye Mama and me wanted ta protect you and ye brothers and sisters from it.

"Later in that same year, an olvi named Gwindahl ran into some very bad luck.  Once quite an adventurer, he had retired and was happy raising animals and fishin his favorite spots.

"A group callin themselves L'Karm, made up mostly of mountain and forest elves, decided to make big trouble.  They kidnapped Gwindahl and tortured him, taking him to insanity.

"They put thoughts in his head of the biggest fish he ever would want to catch and made him believe someone had stolen it from him.  In his madness, and at the request of the L'Karm, he took the pet rats Lailoni had given him and began to experiment, creating the ichor rats.

"Gwindahl would then seek out those he thought might have information about his golden fish, which he called the Anli' Jalbreth, and torture them.  In fits of anger he would release the rats into the city of Crossing and watch as they infected and poisoned the citizens.

"Some say the L'Karm started all this with the lad in order to get revenge on the humans and dwarves for atrocities of the elven-human wars so many years back.  Elves have very long memories.

"Some time later, after Gwindahl had tortured and killed several folk, he started commin back to his right mind.  Regretful of all he had done, he set out to try and stop the evil L'Karm.  Their leader, Ralel, seein that Gwindahl was no longer under his control, sent Daderil to kill the lad."

"What happened to the L'Karm?"

"I'm not sure.  But if you see anyone wearin an insignia of a tree and mountian, run the other way."

With a wink and a nod Papa continued.

"It were after the Gorbesh war that the Kaldar and the Gnomes moved up from the southwest.  And the Prydaen and Rakash headed in from the the west.

"Seems the Kaldar and Gnomes were tryin to get away from the Gorbesh folk who were mean to em.

"I'm not right sure what brought the Prydaen and Rakash in.


354 AV --The Gorbesh War begins--The jadeite and kyanite mines are destroyed

Gwindahl is a former adventurer who was captured and subverted by the L'Karm. His mind was shattered, and he was driven insane, set upon a quest for the Anli' Jalbreth. Gwindahl, at the L'Karm's order, began conducting experiments on rats, creating the ichor rats... Gwindahl set these ichor rats lose through the Crossing and Shard, spreading the deadly ichor plague, killing many. In addition, Gwindahl has abducted and tortured several people in an attempt to gain information. He later regained his sanity, and attempted to help stop the L'Karm, but the L'Karm's leader, Ralel, sent the assassin Daderil to kill Gwindahl. (36)

Gwindahl replied, "Thats what they did to me. They captured me and did sumpin to my head... This is the most lucid time I've had in what seems like years. Let me tell you the the Anli'Jalbreth was their idea of a joke. Made me thought I caught it ... drove to the brink of madness then sent me out on some revenge... Gave me the idea of creating the rats. Now those critters are loose in the world."
I sighed again in sympathy for him.
Gwindahl said, "And don't feel sorry for me Romeode. I am still their tool even now. I fear it won't take long for them to reclaim me."
"Can we do nothing to help you?" I asked him.
Gwindahl shook his head, "Besides death. And like you I won't walk to the gallows. Even with my soul in balance... The madness lerks just over my left ear. I can feel its grip even now. It will only grow and grow. Til nothing of what I was will exist anymore."
"How did they tie Lailoni into all this? did you save her life once?" I asked.
Gwindahl nodded at me, "I helped her once. I bought some rats from her. They were pets. My first experiments... Now you know how far down the road I have went. With her blood on my hands." ...Suddenly Gwindahl exclaimed, "You know where the Anli'Jalbreth is don't you!"
I sighed. It was coming back on him.
"Yeah ..." Gwindahl repeated, "You know where the Anli'Jalbreth is don't you!"
I grabbed Gwindahl by the shoulders and shook him! He coughed and then said, "It just happens Romeode."
I nodded at him. He was obviously distraught, shaking his head with tears running down his cheeks.
"L'Karm Romeode ..." he gritted his teeth, "Don't ever ferget that name. Gorbesh...you can see the Gorbesh. But L'Karm anyone can be L'Karm."

357 AV Refugees of the Kaldar and Gnomes arrive from the southwest; the remnants of the Prydaen and Rakash arrive from the west

"Anyway, when you were 16, a fella by the name of Sorrow began attacking different places and causin all kinds of fuss just to lay his hands on a book."

Papa shook his head.  "The things folk won't fight over."

"A couple years later, Zoluren got a new prince with Sirolarn, cause the old one were kilt.  So things still be mighty dangerous in the lands."

359 AV --House Valsef rebels against Therengia --Sorrow begins attacks in an attempt to retrieve a book 360 AV Prince Belirendrick III (77) is assissinated 361 AV Reign of Prince Sirolarn Sorvendig of Zoluren begins 362 AV --The Moon Mage Guild's High Council is assassinated --An artifact is activated on Taisgath Island, releasing Tezirah. She is sent back into the Plane of Probability.


That were the last Papa ever told me of olvi history. 

Seems some bad men were after him and threatened our whole family.  I was forced to leave home in the midst of the war Sorrow was causin.  Luckily, within that same year he were defeated by his own clumsiness.  The way I heared it he tried to call up magic too big for him to handle by usin that very book he wanted so bad.

Shortly after that, Zoluren got another new prince with Vorclaf, cause the other one was accused of wrongly takin the throne in the first place and was excuted.  His head stood on a pike outside the gates of the Crossin for a while as a warnin to anyone else that might be thinkin of takin the throne.


363 AV ~~~~~ Taffei arrives in crossing ~~~~~~--Sorrow is killed at the Zaulfung Stones --Therengian forces occupy parts of Zoluren in retaliation for Zoluren's invasion of Therengia while chasing Sorrow 364 AV --Prince Sirolarn is executed --Reign of Prince Vorclaf Sorvendig of Zoluren (29) begins --Therengian forces withdraw from Zoluren


An olvi of more recent note be Saller Whitfurrows, also known as Black Saller, pirate captain of the ship Black Star. 

Some say he has a treasure hidden somewhere that he took from a Priestess who wrote books on governing and such. 

It be rumored that Whitfurrows took a young fella named Aedem on board and pretty much enslaved him.  After some years Aedem got tired of bein treated so bad. 

He took over the ship and fed captain Whitfurrows to the sharks.

In the midst of battling some pirates, Chessel found a glass bottle with a parchment inside. It was a treasure map written in a riddle and signed by Saller Whitfurrows ( an Olvi, who I had found out earlier was the cap'n pirate of the Black Star, which is the ship Aedem now captains......but more about that later on.)

The riddle talked of where Saller had buried his plunder from the ship called the Nodding Gull, which was the ship of Priestess Ilerthan. Priestess Ilerthan wrote books on governing and such, and it is she who we thank for our present day's governmental system instituted in Qi.
.....Chessel had heard of Aedem. Seems he was taken by this Cap'n Saller Whifurrows when he was just a youngin. After years of being pretty much enslaved, Aedem grew brave enough to take over the ship and fed Saller to the sharks.

  .....Captain Saller of the Black Star'n was also known by the name 'Black Saller'. Supposedly killed during a mutiny led by Aedem'n afterwards fed ter the sharks part by part.(11)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Then there be Deeder Jonathan  and his brother Kelly.  

Jonathan were an honest olvi alchemist who worked hard tryin to come up with new things all the time that would benefit everyone.

Kelly, on the other hand, were schemin, lazy and theivin, and kept tryin to steal his brothers inventions and ideas to turn a dishonest profit.

More often than not, he failed in these attempts, due mostly to his lack of foresight.

Some say they were twins, as Kelly sometimes claimed to be his brother in order to get himself out of a tight spot.

Among the things invented by Jonathan were a very special lockpick, and what became known as Deeder's Ocular.

Of course Kelly tried to use both of these magical items for his own greedy ends, but was thwarted.

As to what happened to these items, the lockpick disappeared.

 Some say it were destroyed.  Some say Kelly hid it away for use another day.

The ocular is stored away in the vaults of the Asemath Academy in the Crossing, and is shown to distinguished visitors on rare occasions.


Deeder's Lockpick. From The Tales of Deeder Jonathan, by Alain Martel: "This was another remarkable creation of the inestimable Deeder Jonathan, halfling alchemist, seer and moon mage. The incident (as later pieced together from the Greenhollow criminal records) shows that Kelly, Deeder's thievish brother, got "an idea." Kelly's ideas invariably centered about harnessing Deeder's talents to some purely selfish end.

"Kelly told Deeder that he was going to set up as a locksmith, and desired an infallible aid for his craft-- even offering to split the profits (1/10th to Deeder) for the item. The good- natured alchemist took it on as a pet project, and gave Kelly the Lockpick. The latter resolved to try it that evening at a gala affair given to honor a visiting dwarven ambassador.

"But since Deeder had not been told by his brother about the scheme under foot (indeed, he never would have acquiesced) the matter went other than as planned. Suddenly in the middle of the reception a strangely metallic voice rang out, "Kelly, my master! I have detrapped and opened the large oaken chest of Hortel deBankoff! It wasn't easy, you might have had trouble without my assistance!" Instantly guards surrounded Kelly; and had Deeder not pulled all the strings at his disposal his brother might have ended up a foot shorter from his right hand's fingertips in.

"As to Deeder's Lockpick, it vanished after the affair. It has been surmised since that Deeder destroyed it, or Kelly might have secreted it away."

Deeder's Ocular. From The Tales of Deeder Jonathan, by Alain Martel: "Kelly Jonathan was again the genesis for this remarkable device. He convinced his less-worldly brother upon this occasion that he (Kelly) would be setting up shop as a healer, and that some item which allowed him to find people in need and move quickly to their side would be advantageous to all. Deeder was very enthusiastic in his support, and set to work at once.

"Kelly employed the resulting horn-rimmed ocular to watch the head clerk at the First Elanthian State Bank. When he entered the vaults, Kelly tapped the eyepiece-- and was instantly transported to his side. The halfling thief grabbed a sack of gold from the astonished clerk's hands, and tapped the eyepiece again.

"Nothing happened. Kelly had never specified to his brother that there was any need to hurry back; and by making the ocular a single-charge item the alchemist had sought to let it recharge quicker...once every 24 hours, in fact. Of course this sensible decision was not on Kelly's mind when he found himself surrounded by guards and hauled before a magistrate. He only escaped prison that time by claiming to be his brother and feigning madness. Truth to tell, Kelly's state of mind at being cheated for still-another fortune which lay within his grasp can only be imagined."

The Ocular is in the possession of Asemath Academy. It resides in the Academy Vaults, and is shown to distinguished visitors upon rare occasions. (12)


Hovagud Tripp is remembered as an adventurer. 

Some claim he was a ranger. 

Some say he just got lost in a storm.

His grave, a pile of stones along the southern trade route, has become somewhat of a shrine to travelers wishing to ward off the same bad luck that struck him down.

The pile of stones is called Tripp's Cairn, after the famed Halfling adventurer, Hovagud Tripp. He embarked from the Crossing one day to seek fame and fortune when a freak storm caused a branch to fall upon his head. He is buried beneath these undistinguished rocks. It has become a local shrine where offerings are brought to ward off ill luck.(28)

Balint Broadspan is a renowned book publisher turned alchemist.  He was contracted to collate and publish a new series of magical texts for the Asemath Academy, but got so caught up in the research that he soon stopped publishing and started practicing.

A single remark that he wrote sparked a debate that ultimately led to the developement of illusory creatures.

Balint Broadspan. Halfling book publisher renowned for his cheap editions, marketing abilities, and summaries of complicated texts. At some time in his middle years Broadspan received a state contract to collate and publish a new series of magical texts for Asemath Academy. He developed a personal interest in these, and soon progressed from publisher to dedicated alchemist.

Broadspan's personal contribution to alchemy was slim but telling. One volume in his Asemath series focused upon a debate over the resource consumption of 3 creature types (living, metallic constructs, elemental beings). "Why use up resources to create something permanent when you only want to kill temporarily?" Broadspan wrote in a brief forward. "Why not just fake it like I do when I toss a magical but fictitious wet rag down some snobbish Elothian's back?" This single remark sparked a new debate on the subject of magical glamouri, and ultimately led to the development of illusory creatures.


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