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Olvi Olvi History

The Olvi!

Halfling or Olvi, whatever you choose to call us... we be here!

"The Halfling figurine speaks, a bubbly, high-toned voice that is overrun with jovial humor. "Clever Halfling am I! Strength I have not, and height I have not, and really, I'm not all that skilled in magic -- but clever, clever, clever is this one! We are the curious, the ingenious, the solver of riddles! Always have we an eye on the humor in things, for life is too short to be spent on brooding! Lanival gave all the lands to us, so all places are ours. Our curiosity untangles the knots that bind and finds that which is not yet lost. What we lack in power and height we make up with skill and accuracy and dexterity."

Though short -- half the size of the Human and smaller than the Dwarves -- the Halfling radiates a confidence, merriment, and awareness of the world that makes up for size. Bright eyes twinkle with suppressed laughter.

~~~~~~~~~~ Famous Olvi of Elanthia ~~~~~~~~~~

As my travels take me further, and my knowledge expands... so will these writings.

If you know a name that be missin from the list (and the story behind it), let us know about it!

Dyriduan Avtik Emperor Baraliban Riini
Emperor Mafescu Ibti Timbleton Demin I
Ringth Krael Mamni Timbleton
Demin II Liicca Frendollur
Seromond Peroibo Veila Tebaiya
Duniver Cambedika Ka'len
Marachek Saller Whitfurrows Deeder Jonathan
Kelly Jonathan Snarfers FuzzyFoots Pundle Tickleburr
Daffleberry Tanglefoot Hovagud Tripp Borrugar Steadfoot
Paddla Tanglefoot Pantel Odalva
Declan Tanglefoot Hermel Sureshot Towin Sweetbreath
Nintel Suker Thistle Walksweaving Timothy Burrows
Citharon WayGuester  Janel Whippet Balint Broadspan
Sela Sharpeye-Balfor Woolly Tanglefoot Rufus Tanglefoot

~~~~~~~~~~~ The Olvi Language ~~~~~~~~~~

"The native language of Halflings is Olvio. Modern Olvio contains words from old Olvio and borrowed words from other languages including Gamgweth."  (14)

common gamgweth olvio
Halfling Dosiger Olvi
Honored Lord


mieha kanraata
Honored Lady sanndel naisa liit
Friend makro isaanen
Thank Ye Bueser alyi tema Kyto ko
I don't know yer language Gwerdin ama Gamgweth Jy oisa enn Olvio.
Yes an kyya
No din enn


~~~~~~~~~~ Friends of the Olvi ~~~~~~~~~~

River Elves - Perhaps the most curious of the Elven people, the River Elves roam over the waters of Elanthia on the backs of great boats and skiffs. Sometimes called the "Floaters", their Elven name means "Wayward Flowers on the Cool Currents". River Elves are great traders, but are often mercurial and not fond of worldly things such as war and politics. Their allies are, oddly enough, the Halflings, who share their free-spirited heart. (8)

Gor'Togs  "Halfling small, not strong. He stayed away from war, sell goods to Elf and Human, sell talk to Elf and Human. Halfling got kronars, not got killed.  After war, others decide Halfling was wise. They joined, made Empire. Empire said Gor'Tog was people, they join Empire too. Gor'Tog liked Empire."  (29)  It is also said that Baraliban had a hand in the Got'Togs being released from slavery during his reign as Emperor.  Olvi and Tog have been friends ever since.  This is evidenced in that Halflings are off limits for use as a tog ball. (31)

Dwarves - When it came time for the Seven-Pointed Star to be formed by Verek and his council... the Dwarves found the idea of the Empire to be foolishness, and they resisted quite thoroughly... The other racial delegations were furious, as were most of Verek's council... Baraliban got up and stood upon the oak table. All fell silent as he spoke, addressing the Dwarves... When he was finished, he bowed low to the Dwarves, got down, and sat upon his seat again.(30)  

Baraliban's graciousness on that day set the tone for dwarves and olvi to be friends and allies.

~~~~~~~~~~ Olvi Beliefs ~~~~~~~~~~

Fostramor means The Great Peace and it is both a place and a reward. Legend has it that to get to Fostramor you must pass through Fostra's Haven. No one knows where Fostra's Haven is. However, it is part of the legend that if a mortal ever finds Fostramor, they will become immortal and gain complete wisdom. Whether this place is real or not, it has fired the imagination of adventurers for centuries. It seems to be entwined with each of the races.  For the Halfling, it's Fostra's Inn, where all are free and merry forever. (13)

Glythtide - god of joy, mirth and merriment, of wine and song and good fellowship; a very happy figure, he is the patron of bards, poets, troubadours, and musicians -- as well as of loafers, gourmands and drunks. Glythtide's mere presence is abhorrent to some of the darker gods due to his unstoppable happiness. It is said amongst the Halflings that the one time he frowned and cried, night was created. Arthe Dale is favored by Glythtide, and he has been suspected of making a few visits upon occasions (usually denoted by the sudden lack of liquor and tarts within the town). Chief deity of the Halflings; his emblem is the ram.(18)

Truffenyi - god of mortal man, god of mercy and forgiveness, his blessings are invaluable in resurrections and in the granting of health, stamina, strength and magical power, he is like an indulgent father to the inhabitants of Elanthia. He can be stern as well, and thus is also a difficult master to serve. Chief deity of humans and Halflings; his emblem is the ox.(18)

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