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Taffei's Journal ~ The Maps

Me own arrival in Elanthia coincided with the opening of the "New" Temple in Crossing.   So I was nae the only one gettin lost and confuzzled.  I stay confused enough!  So what was an Olvi to do?  Make a map of course!  And here it be... along with a few other maps I drawed out by me own hand. More be commin when I get unlost from where ever I be now.

Crossing ~ Arthe Dale ~ Aesry ~ Ratha ~ Riverhaven ~Shard More

Overall Map of Elanthia*

(*Official Colorized Map from the OLD DragonRealms Site)

Critter Hunting Grounds Maps!

Southern Zoluren and Ilithi ~ Leth to Shard

Northern Zoluren ~ Crossing to the Haven Ferry


The Islands of Qi'Reshalia

Ever wondered what part of town you were in?  Couldn't tell by the street name?  Well, now you can!

Crossing Streets

Crossing Temple Maps

Main Level and Grounds

Resurection Cresche

2nd Level ~ Iris Rim

3rd Level ~ Eyes of the Thirteen

4th Level ~ Monk's Quarters

Top Levels ~ High Priestess Quarters & Sanctuary Gardens 

Towers and Bridges

Escape Tunnels

Wedding Glade

More Crossing Maps

Monger's Bazaar

Jadewater Mansion

Residential Addition off TGNW

Crossing Cleric's Guild

Cape of Storms

E'erglim Light House

Arthe Dale

Arthe Dale

Arthe Hollow Inn

 Arthe Dale Bay Road

A Few Attractions on Aesry Surlaenis'a

Cleric's Guild


Denison's Pub


Seerah Seacaves and Sand Sprites


Maze Outside West Gate


Shard Temples

More Maps to Elanthia

There are a number of other sites with extensive maps of the realms. The maps on this site are merely a supliment to those wonderful sites. Here are some of my favorites :

Crossroads of Elanthia - DragonRealms Community

THE WOLF DEN - Main Lair

The Lorang Dragonrealms Pages Argot's Cave

(Above also contain copies of Sablina's Old Maps!)

Ranik's Updated Maps

(Contains Sablina's maps, which Ranik has updated!)

Kythryn's Journals

(Maps complete with life mana, herb & foraging info, as well as travel scripts!)

More great links can be found on the DragonRealms Home Page.  Click on the Dragon to go there.

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