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Taffei's Journal ~ The Immortals

In Elanthia we are all under the watchful eyes of the 13.

These 13 major immortals each have two aspects, one light and one dark.

There are rumors of other immortals in the lands, but little can be found to prove them.

Some have even been known to worship the dragon that sleeps in the depths!

Each of the 39 (immortals and aspects) is represented by an animal,

and each has a very distinct personality and purpose.

This knowledge is vital in the lives of the clerics, as well as every other being of Elanthia

....if they are to survive.

~ The 39 Immortals of Elanthia ~

Major Aspect ~ animal symbol


Light Aspect ~ animal symbol


Dark Aspect ~ animal symbol

Chadatru (male) ~ Lion


Rutilor (m) ~ mongoose


Botolf (m) ~ goshawk

Damaris (m) ~ panther


Phelim (m) ~ nightingale


Dergati (f) ~ shrike

Eluned (f) ~ dolphin


Lemicus (f) ~ albatross


Drogor (m) ~ shark

Everild (f) ~ wild boar


Kuniyo (m) ~ wolverine


Trothfang (m) ~ wild centaur

Faenella (f) ~ wren


Murrula (f) ~ phoenix


Idon (m) ~ heron

Glythtide (m) ~ ram


Saemaus (m) ~ donkey


Be'Ort (m) ~ coyote

Hav'Roth (m) ~ cobra


Peri'el (f) ~ king snake


Ushnish (m) ~ viper

Hodierna (f) ~ unicorn


Berengaria (f) ~ cow


Asketi (f) ~ adder

Kertigen (m) ~ raven


Divyaush (m) ~ welkin


Zachriedek (m) ~ raccoon

Meraud (m) ~ jet-black wolf


Firulf (m) ~ grey horned owl


Kerenhappuch (f) ~ shrew

Tamsine (f) ~ great tabby cat


Alberda (f) ~ dove


Harawep (f) ~ black widow spider

Truffenyi (m) ~ ox


Alamhif (m) ~ magpie


Huldah (m) ~ weasel

Urrem'Tier (a) ~ scorpion


Eylhaar (a) ~ jackal


Aldauth (m/f/a) ~ vulture