Home Con Pics!

The DRBayArea Gang!

August 17, 2002

At Round Table Pizza in Union City

What a weekend!  What a fun bunch of friends to hang out with!  Vicki, are you up for another chainsaw movie?

1. Jrendle realized the camera was pointed at him just as the pic snapped.

2. Falkonis and Geoffin

3. Stephanie, Falkonis, Geoffin, Grid, Krinahd, Sceth, and Jrendle

4. Vicki and Vivianna

5. Vicki, Jennifer, Leucous and Stephanie

6. Leucous, Stephanie, Taffei and Falkonis

7. Jrendle, Vicki and Jen

8. The pizza folk gather in the background and try to come up with a way to make us leave.

9. Jrendle listens as Vicki tries to explain something to Pam.

10. More secrets get traded.

11. Pam still doesn't get it, but Falkonis sure gets the pizza!

12. Vicki and the player formerly known as Khario

13. The pizza is gone, but we still sit and talk, and laugh, and talk....


Disclaimer : Phonics did not work for me.  I can't spell : )