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Taffei's Journal ~ Clerics

The powers granted the clerics from the immortals is not to be taken lightly.

There be 4 books from which we may learn of these great powers ,

but merely reading of these powers is nae enough.

They must be taught by the leader of the guild as we gain in knowledge and skill.

These 4 great books are :

Holy Defense Spells, Holy Enchantments, Divine Intervention & Spirit Manipulation

But, be fair warned...

there be more to claiming the life of a cleric than knowin' a few spells.

A cleric must make a choice to follow the gods with great devotion,

else the mere knowledge of the spells is nothing.

The closer the cleric be to his or her god, the more inclined that god be to lending a helping hand.

In order to prove devotion a cleric must continually perform rituals.

The following is a short list of rituals I have found pleasing to the gods of Elanthia :


Cleansing an altar with holy water

Pouring wine on an altar

Touching or Kissing an altar

Dancing before an altar

Giving to the poor by way of the alms box

Making offerings on the altar

Reciting songs of praise to the gods

Invoking Prayer parchments

Preaching to others

Ritual bathing

Planting of a serise seed in consecrated ground

Carving and Using Prayer Beads

Part of the real fun of this land is discovering some things for yourself,

even if a hint or two be needed on occasion... but...

If you really want indepth ritual, temple, and devotional information,

seek out the pages of Kalira's Journals