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Welcome to the Journals of Taffei Snarfn'tart

Within the pages of this journal will be found entries of my adventures

in the lands many refer to as the realm of the dragon.

I started this adventure in a city called The Crossing, and was I ever lost!

A new temple had been erected just afore me own arrival,

and others were just as lost within it's walls.

Having to find me own way, I drawed a few maps to help me remember where I had been.

The guild of the Clerics was kind enough to take me in upon me arrival in this strange place,

and many of these entries relate directly to them and my learnings within their walls.

But, be warned...the clerics know some powerful spells! But it be holy magic,

as it comes delivered right from the very immortals that they worship,

which are indeed many and varied.


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